22 January 2007

3 months of fun

jill hit her 3 month mark on saturday. here's some fun new things: jill loves to stick her whole fist in her mouth, loves to talk to her toys and the fan, still loves the bath, graps my hair, likes to be tickled, likes to be naked and wiggle a lot, loves to cuddle with mom.
Along with Jillians growing personality, she has a new wardrobe; sizes 3-6 months fit her now! Jill's living the dream life fo ra girl: a new wardrobe every 3 months and all the attention she can handle.

18 January 2007

love at home

i love this picture!! jill and i have so much fun together at home. (thanks for the picture idea kristen:)

11 January 2007

sleep, what's that?

i got this book from grandma taylor when jill was two weeks old. i've heard and read some criticism on it, however it did me good. at 6 wks jill was sleeping 6 hours at night, no interruption. she is now sleeping between 7-9 hours every night. i took the schedule and advice from the book and adapted it to fit my mothering style. i know that there's a toddler Baby Wise for older babys if needed. if you don't want to buy the book here's the jest (?) of it for infants: eat, awake time, nap. other tips include: place child down for nap awake, don't let her fall asleep in your arms etc. mother decides when nap time is and when to be awake, not baby. there are many more ideas in the book that has helped jill get on a schedule. i can predict, within about 1/2 hour, her moods and what she needs. i credit the gift of sleep as a new mother largely to this book. its worth a try if you haven't had a good nights sleep in awhile :).

07 January 2007

We're Baaaaaack

Well, we are safely home and ready for the real life. We had a wonderful opprotunity to go to Hawaii and celebrate Judy's (Jeff's aunt) 50th birthday. It was very fun to spend a week with Jeff's family and relax in a beautiful place. Regretfully I didn't get a photo of the group but there was 13 adults, 2 kids, and one baby. Here's a quick synopsis of the week:
Day 1: leave home at 4:30 am get to Hawaii early enough to swim. jeff caught a fish with his spear gun (video taped, sorry no pix). we later found out it was the hawaiian state fish. all evidence was destroyed :). snokeling was great. lots of visiblity and beautiful fish off our shore.
Day2: Dole Plantation and North Shore fun
Day 3: Polynesian Cultural Center. Very cool place to visit. Jeff and I got learn Tahitian dancing.
Day 4: Snorkled Sharkes Cove (amazing fish), saw a sea turtle off of our beach, watched surfers at Waimea Bay, saw Hawaiian temple and BYU Hawaii.
Day 5: New Years Eve!! Local church (they really do say Aloha from the pulpit and the congregation responds!) . Hiked Waimea Falls, sunset at Sunset Beach, fireworks off of our shore. Jeff, Jill and I were asleep long before midnight. Aw the exciting life of a married person:)
Day 6: Jeff played 2 rounds of golf at Turtle Bay with his dad and Jared. Beach day for the girls.
Day 7: Horse back riding (Jeff and I were meant to be cowboys). Jeff got me an hour massage in a cabana on the beach, Judy came too for her birthday gift. Perfect ending to a great vacation.
Day 8: Visit the Nut Farm on the way to the airport.
Happy to go. Happy to be home.
amazing ocean power. the water would slam this rocks like it's going out of style.
we couldn't leave Hawaii without drinking from a coconut:)

more fun in hawaii

View from the back patio. This is Jeff with his nieces, watching the morning waves.
Sunset Beach on New Years Eve.
We got to horse ride on the beach and through the jungle. it was very breathtaking and romantic/comedy like. my favorite part!

Great New Years

this was our beach house. i am standing on the beach looking back at the house.
Jill did great on the plane. we woke up at 4:00 am to get to the airport. Jill was even complimented by a stranger on her good behavior.
our first day in Hawaii. Jill didn't like the ocean too much, but she looked great in her swimsuit!!
This is at the Dole Plantation. Jeff and I were lost in the World's largest maze :)

01 January 2007

Hawaii 50

on the patio at the beach house.
on the drive to the house. we get back on wed. more pics to come. . .