23 May 2011


seven years ago was the greatest party of my life.

20 May 2011


This little treasure turned three today.

Camille is the class clown around here.
Always looking for a laugh.

Even at inopportune times.

She has lips to kill, and isn't afraid of handing out kisses.

She is incredibly sensitive, and sweet;
never wanting to hurt feelings.

She loves animals and playing princess.

Above all else she loves her sister and wants to be around her all the time.

We are blessed to have this one in our lives.

09 May 2011

Mother's Day 2011

The flowers are in bloom.
The garden is growing.
The chicks are roaming.
I get goodies at church.
Best of all, I get to celebrate my two wonderful mothers,
and reflect on the last 5 years of being a mother.
This is the best time of my life.

04 May 2011

Easter 2011

Easter came and brought two little chicks.
Jill named hers Chickee-chick, (is now calling her Sleepy Head).
Camille named hers Sunny.
We are excited to embark on pet ownership again.
This time with half the amount of last.

The head-dress and Easter dresses were a hit with the girls.

On Saturday we dyed eggs,
and then headed to the temple for the pageant.
We arrived 2.5 hours early to secure seats for the family.
The ushers were very persistent that there was NO SAVING SEATS.
After the third usher physically picked up all my
blankets and moved them I decided to abide.
Me and my girls found three front row seats.
We spent the time awaiting the pageant, exploring the temple grounds.

The girls were very concerned for Jesus during the pageant.
Jill even about cried.
Camille did actually cry, but because she lost a pacifier.
Good times.