25 July 2011

Turning 3 in this house

We are a proud pacifier-using household. From 0-2 it's pretty much at the beacon
call of the babe. From 2-3 it's only available when the toddler is lying down. The day of the 3rd birthday, the pacifier goes in the trash. The prep of the toddler for this day begins weeks ahead of time.
It includes much reassurance and perhaps a few, "if you want a birthday party, you have to throw it away" phrases.  Jillian did well with just a few tears for a couple of nights. Camille's was much smoother.  With the moral support of Jillian, Camille didn't (and has yet to) shed a tear over the loss of her paci.  Siblings are the best.
(birthday before deed)
(after deed)

Camille earned her party. We had friends and family come by. With a bounce house, slip n' slide, water balloons, trampoline, and x-box kinect all who came was entertained. Of-course we launch the traditional birthday balloons.

A few days later we celebrated Jeff's birthday early as we were headed to Hawaii.
More on that later.

Headed to preschool

(back in May) Jill and Camille made it through joy school with flying colors.
They both memorized The Pledge of Allegiance.
Jill will be starting offical preschool next month.
Not sure how Camille is going to cope not having sister around.
They are joined at the hip.

18 July 2011


We found ants in the bathroom this morning. I vaccumed up most of them and then the girls brought in a shoe to "pop" any lingering ants. This is what I heard:

Camille:  Heavenly Father?
Jillian:    He hears you. Say what you have to say.
Camille:  Sorry we have to pop the ants.
Jillian:    It's okay, He knows they shouldn't be in the house.