19 December 2008

my camera is broken.

so, let's catch up on past pictures.
this is jeff's biggest fish ever. caught in mexico last month.

we had a great time at jeff's office holiday party. we had a bbq, bounce thing, sheep, and horse rides.
enjoy the random other pics.

11 December 2008

I like to win

but i sure had fun losing with you guys.

02 December 2008

minus the jelly

jillian loved the pre-thanksgiving baking on wed.
then the fridge went out.
no milk, no cheese, no joy.

we got our fill this past weekend of
peanut butter minus the jelly (remember, no fridge) sandwiches.
monday afternoon brought the repairman.
i never knew how thankful i was for a refrigerator
until Thanksgiving weekend 2008.
the holiday continued with or without cold food.
jeff got muddy at the turkey bowl as JR stomped DH.

i am also grateful this year for extended family that live in AZ.
i was feeling rather homesick after talking to
mom and dad and hearing my brothers, and their wives
and children in the background.
dinner one was spent with my cousins and grandparents pete.
dinner two with the taylors.
family is truly what's important.
(this is ethan and abby schank.
jill's first cousins once removed. . . i think.
can you believe how tall she is!? she's only 8.)