28 January 2008

pres. hinckley

goodbye sweet beloved prophet. i will never forget the day i got to shake your hand. we will miss you.

19 January 2008

she did it again...

jillian peed in her toliet again this morning. only this time she added her sunglasses and the book Think and Grow Rich (which she read out-loud as she was going pee). she seems to be quiet content sitting on her toliet. when i left to go get the camera, i was sure she'd follow me. nope, there she was licking her finger so she could turn the page in her book. i love being her mommy. (i wonder how she'll feel about this picture when she gets older!?)

17 January 2008

when the kid is quiet...

every parent knows that if your child is quiet for any amount of time in another room something interesting is going to happen. as clingy as jill has been lately, today she was in her room and being very quiet. finally i yelled her name and told her to come out. this is what i got... nothing too bad. just a few tights around her neck that she kept trying to put on her head. oh, and socks and tights strung all over her room.
jillian's imagination and speaking is really starting to develop. she'll continue to eat air out of the fruit snack bag after they're gone. she likes to pretend to put her toys and blankets to sleep. everyday she says a new word. yesterday was moon, and today was poop. of-course the next day she's not sure how to associate the word but it's awesome to watch her grow up. i guess it's almost time for a new baby around the house because mines not so "baby" anymore.

i almost forgot, today jill peed in her toilet twice!! jeff wants her out of diapers before the new one. i think it's wishful thinking but i really should never underestimate jillian.

11 January 2008

hey hayley. . .

check out the link to the left for our training for the half marathon. i'm going to try and start running again now that i can but after i have the babe i think i'll follow one of his schedules.

everyone else... hayley and i are going to do a half marathon at the end of this year!!

(hayley, i had to post this to make sure that we really do it)

09 January 2008

good news!!!

i had an ultrasound today and i feel good. my placenta is all good!! i do have a venous pool but it shouldn't cause any problems for the pregnancy. the baby measuring right on schedule (20 wks). oh and by the way it's a GIRL! is that a crack up or what? i guess it's extra funny to me b/c today hayley and i were looking at boy clothes and jeff and i haven't even considered any chick names. pics of the 5 month belly to come. i'm going to go work-out now that my placentas not bleeding :)

05 January 2008

the club

welcome to the married club caitlin and ben!! jeff's sister got married the last week of december. this was my first sealing to attend beside my own and proxy. it was amazing!! they had the same sealer jeff and i had. he is jeff's grandpa's bestfriend. jeff is named after his grandpa dayton and wears his wedding ring. dayton passed when jeff was on his mission. dayton and jeff had a special relationship. it was really neat to see the emotion from the sealer as he talked about caitlins and jeffs family. the sealers name is Milo LeBaron. i am totally stuck on this name for our boy. jeffs not too keen on it. long story short my top two names for the new baby are: Milo or Dayton.
i just love wedding dresses. caitlin looked great in hers!! jillian loved to roam around the temple grounds. we had a great time.

03 January 2008

more christmas fun

4 generations of greatness: grandma phyllis, mom, me, jillian
are these socks on my hands suppose to help in the snow?
nora and jill at the provo mall.
fun in the snow.
jeff's texas sized snowman, made christmas day!

towed behind dads truck.
pigged-tailed twins.
i wish that i had a picture of the group of us at mom and dads house. scott and britta, brett, sarah, olivia, amy, grandma and grandpa beaumount, mom, dad, me, jeff, jill...oh, and the dog. we had so much fun in utah. jeff got to go snowmobiling with his buddy and i got some great r&r with mom and dad.