23 June 2010

ever since we've been married

jeff has tried to convince me of the need for a boat.
well, he turned 30 on the 5 of june and i consented.
the debate is on:
jeff wants this

that's right, a "Party Barge".
just saying it makes me throw-up a little in my mouth.

i want this

that's right, the coolest thing on the lake.
what's your vote?

more honestly though we'll end up with this:

which, is still pretty cool i guess.

in the meantime the heat is on here in AZ.
if we aren't swimming,
we're staying in the A/C playing the new wii

(jeff's Father's Day gift)
or taking the girls the the movies

 we all enjoyed Toy Story 3.
AZ summers aren't so bad when you're
able to celebrate with the ones you love.