28 October 2007

you have no idea...

what a relief!! today was the Primary Sacrament Program at church. part of my calling in the primary is to write the script for the program and pretty much run the show. with a little over 100 active primary children the task was daunting to say the least. after the first practice i was so distraught that i called each mother and reminded them of their children's part and that i was hoping not to have to prompt. the parents hard-work, our prayers and the children's wonderful spirits came through.
the program ran without a hitch! all of the junior primary children (including my sunbeams) had their parts memorized. the senior primary brought self-written talks and testimonies to share. they did a phenomenal job. i know i've mentioned this before, but our chorister and pianist are amazing. as the children sang the spirit was felt and confirmed the truthfulness of what was being shared by our youth.
after the program i heard many compliments. the best one came from my stake leader. as the tears flowed from her eyes she said it was the best program she has ever seen.
you have no idea what a relief it is to be done! i didn't sleep last night and i was a mess this morning worrying about it. obviously i need to have more faith...

23 October 2007


jill turned one on saturday. we got to have a little party with family and friends at the park. jill was so funny, walking around and watching all the other kids play. she loves to be outside and i think she had a great time. she got a lot of great presents. funny thing is that with all her new toys she still prefers to carry around a EXPO marker and the occasional toothbrush. maybe she'll grow into her new toys...
here's her stats... head: 18in (70%), weight: 20 lbs (33%), length: 30 in (65%).
p.s. thanks for the great pix hayley!

20 October 2007

Turley reunion

this is just the pheobe line from the reunion. imagine 12 other family lines that were represented at the reunion. lots of peeps. theresa and kenny's family and heather's husband missed the picture.

18 October 2007

Jills tricks (or treats)

i'm still trying to teach her how to throw dipars away. here's a few words she says: bahbpey (baby), ook (book), manana (banana).
last saturday we went to the Turley reunion. Grandma Pheobe Peterson is the 12th baby of Hyrum Turley. She is also the only living sibling. jeff got to meet a handful of cousins and relatives that he hadn't yet. i guess their planning a big shin-dig in utah next year.

10 October 2007

cat's outta the bag

(hint: read jills shirt as fast as you can.)