30 March 2008

the anticipation is KILLING me

last saturday jeff and i planted a veggie garden and a bunch of flowers. everyday since i've planted the seeds i've been dying to see what comes up!! the anticipation has been killing me. i thought i was going to have an aneurysm when i saw my first flower sprout. this is my cucumber and beans. i also planted some squash, cantaloupe and carrots. you have blow this pic up and look very closely for these four flower sprouts.
few more flowers.

this is really fun. i'll give you an update is a few months with my harvest.

24 March 2008


jillian wasn't too excited about her basket after 8 am church. she needed a nap. we got to go to jeff's grandmas house for a wonderful ham dinner and an egg hunt. jillian loved to put the eggs in her basket and then take them out to throw them.
now for a few random thoughts:
i was thinking yesterday; why is it that christmas is the more celebrated holiday over easter? (i understand the hype over santa etc.) i'm speaking religiously. there are many more devotionals, more music, more everything for christmas. isn't easter what it should be all about? without the resurrection there would be no point. we would literally be in a lost state. today as i was reading the BoM, Lehi was teaching Jacob of this and how the resurrection was the key to salvation (2nd Nephi 2:8-10). after pondering my thoughts yesterday and then reading this this morning i will will now try and focus as much or more attention to the meaning of easter that i do to christmas.

16 March 2008


a few sundays ago as jeff and i were getting ready for church in the bathroom i couldn't hear jillian anymore. i stepped out of the bathroom to this sweet picture. i've had the baby bouncer/vibrator out as i get ready for the new baby. jill had found an old pacifier and got her blanket and crawled onto the bouncer. now she enjoys just laying in it, especially if i turn on the vibration! her legs dangle off from the knees down and the bouncer is almost touching the ground but she doesn't seem to mind. i'm not sure if she's ready to give up the "baby" title of the house yet. 2 1/2 more months and it's ready or not... yesterday our community had an "egg"stravaganza. jill had fun picking up all the eggs, coloring, making bracelets and dancing to the music.
she learned where the eggs go.
but her favorite part was the petting zoo. she LOVES animals. the tally continues...things jill is not scared of: water, the street, heights, animals (including big dogs that bark and look scary).

05 March 2008

7 month belly

today i'm 28 weeks!! three months left, i can't believe how fast it's gone. i had an ultrasound today and the baby is still a girl. she's healthy and my placenta is all good too. no more worries (hopefully). i had a great "mommy moment" today. as i was standing by jills high chair, she reached out and placed her sweet hand on my belly. she just held her hand there for quiet a few seconds, looked up at me, smiled and then went back to eating. she has no clue that a baby is in there. i was having a bit of anxiety about my ultrasound today and she just put me at ease. is that funny...for me to think that she, somehow knew what i needed? anyway...here's my baby bump: here's jills baby bump:
jill has learned to "smile" when the camera is on her. here's what i get almost every time now:

on another note:
after the ultrasound jeff wanted to go fishing. we found a pond and got out to find some fish. jill walked, actually ran, right up to the waters edge and kept going. had it not been for the sweet little hand i was holding, she would have ended up in the water. my jillian is NOT scared of water, which makes me scared to death. therefore, if you have a pool in your backyard, sorry, no play dates at your house.