27 January 2009

running (or walking) to catch-up

i'm needing to catch -up on some previous happenings. . .
Caitlin and Ben moved to Maryland 2 weeks ago.
every time i say caitlin or ben's name jill says,
"k-k, ben gone."
we miss you two.
before she left though, caitlin wanted to join the expensive paper club.

very cool. glad to have you part of the club.

cam is now 8 months

and trying to keep up with jill.

more walking from Alisha on Vimeo.

(we try not to get dressed for the day if we can help it.)

when we do get dressed we like to head out to the park and enjoy the beautiful arizona winter weather and our fun neighbor kids.
jill isn't too concerned with catching up with them though...

to race or to smile from Alisha on Vimeo.

20 January 2009

here we go

it was a good speech.
this day will be in my children's history books.
best of luck President Obama.
the forever optimist in me hopes you will do
good for my family and nation.

13 January 2009

finally...i'm back

blue-eyed babe
(actually her eyes aren't really blue.
they aren't really any one color.
kinda grey-blue-green.
people always ask me what color her eyes are and i say
"i don't know. you tell me. what do they look like today?")
brown-eyed babe
(actually really brown.
nobody has ever asked me what color her eyes are.
probably because they can tell by themself
that they are brown.
i do always get asked if i've cut her hair though.
for the record no.
i have never cut camilles' hair.
nor have i ever cut jills hair for that matter.
and yes, that is a cute little pony in camilles' hair.)

i thought i'd try something with jill about a week ago.
it worked.
now what?
am i suppose to make flashcards for every single word?
she's not reading, she's memorizing.
but i still think it's pretty cool.
camille started to pull herself up and walk a few weeks ago.
i guess she's trying to keep up with someone...

miller crusing couches from Alisha on Vimeo.

11 January 2009

i am a nurse.

well, it's back to the grind. it is currently 1:04 am on sunday morning and i am sitting at a computer at the hospital awaiting orders from the doctor for a couple of my patients. it's been a pleasant night despite the bad omen and my nervousness of coming back to work after a nearly 10 month leave.
the emergency room can get pretty rowdy sometimes.
as i was driving to work i noted the full moon as if it was pointing the way back to the hospital, all the while laughing because full moon nights are when all the crazies come out.
i was never really superstitious until i started working in the er. no joke... full moons and when a storm is rolling in summon the weirdos and the difficult patients to come out and visit.
oh the stories i can tell.
but, tonight.
not bad at all.
if the other nurses read this now they would hate me.
that's another thing about the er. if things are going well, you can't talk about it or else it will change. change fast and change bad it does.
i'm not going to worry about it now though because lucky me gets to go home early tonight. when they called and needed help i said okay if i can do an eight hour instead of a twelve. (four hours might not sound like a lot but if you've been up all day, and then worked through the night...getting off at 3 am is much better than getting off at 7 am). i just wasn't quite ready to commit to the whole shift my first night back (especially on a full moon).
anyway, if by me mentioning it and the power of the moon brings chaos to the er i will be gone in 1.5 hours. (unless they ask me to stay. i can't say no very easily).
so, tonight.
a good night in the er.
saved one life for sure by the immediate action of me and few other talented hands.
good for us.
better for him.
hopefully, treated other lives for the improvement of their health.
i am a wife first, mother above else, sister, daughter, and friend always.
but tonight...
tonight, i am a nurse.

04 January 2009

sundays just aren't the same...

warning: random thoughts from today
a few weeks ago i was released from my church calling in the primary. i was in my third year with the children. the first week i was released i was asked to sub in nursery. the second week my parents were here and jill didn't make it; she was wet to her socks and needed a nap. today it really hit me. camille is more disruptive than i thought. i guess i just never noticed it in primary. sunday school and rs are really drab compared to primary. in primary we sing for everything. if you're new or visiting, let's sing "hello". if it's your birthday, lets sing (any slue of bday songs). if you just got baptized, sing the rainbow song. etc.etc. you get the point. in primary we stand we sit, we get cute little honest, raw questions and answers. for example today over the pulpit a primary child said, "i know the bible is full of good stuff". you can't beat that. i look forward to serve in other areas but i will miss those kiddos. it's true what they say, "you love those you serve".

01 January 2009

cabin for christmas

a good dose of the cabin, snow, family, and a really good
suprise (my mom and dad) made for a wonderful christmas.
jeff's hat and coat are his grandfathers' who past while jeff was on his mission.
grandpa dayton built the cabin and he is always remembered while we are there.

the taylor clan.
5 days cooped up in a cabin couldn't be better.

christmas eve nativity reading/singing.

the christmas story, jillian style.
more to come as i steal more pictures from others.
my camera hasn't been replaced yet...