30 November 2006

Two great nights!!

daddy-daughter time. they're so cute together!! Jeff's working in this pix (computer/phone). his buisness is doing great!! they just got a store front so hopefully it will pay off by increasing sales. only time will tell, but it's very promising. i'll post a pix as soon as i have one.
Doesn't Jeff look handsome!!
Two nights ago Jill went 6 hours between eating, and last night 7. I feel like a new women!! I don't expect this to last but. . . how sweet it has been. (understand that it's measured from the start of one feeding to the start of another. therefore it's not truly 6 or 7 hours, but it's way better than 2 or 3 hours.) This pix is of Jill yeasterday morning, curled-up and covering her face. "i love to sleep in my parents bed!!" (that what she was thinking.)

28 November 2006

Thanksgiving and blessing

We had a great week last week. Some of the Peterson's and Brandon were able to come stay at our house for Thanksgiving. The boys got to golf while the cousins got to know eachother. In addition the Peterson's, the Taylor's were able to come to dinner on Thursday. (I only have video of that day so it should be up soon for your viewing pleasure). The food and company was great!!
Sunday Jeff blessed Jillian. It was so beautiful. It was very emotional and amazing to witness the priesthood through Jeff to Jillian. I loved it!!
A little messy house, two overflowed toilets, a popped mattress, double par rule, uninvited nats and fly's at Thanksgiving, and a few 1 mile jolks (jog/walk) later. . . we all had fun.

These are the cool Peterson's that came to Thanksgiving in Arizona.
Just about to go to church. Thankgoodness we took her dress off for the carseat, seconds after she spit up all over!!
I know it's blurry, but Jillian is so cute. She knows she's getting stronger and loves to practice holding up her head. She had to wear socks to bed this week b/c she's been scratching her face at night. I've refused to clip her nails ever since I sorta clipped off the tip of her thumb. :( I really am trying to be a good mommy to Jill.
Post blessing pix. Sorry Jared about the forehead and Becky's half-face. Judy, Jennifer and Zack were also there but had to split before the picture.
Jillian's photo shoot in her beautiful dress that Grandma Nettie made. We love that dress and love that girl.

20 November 2006

Jillian is one month old!!!

Do you love my new shocks (shoes and socks in one!!)?
Jillian has become a slave to the pacifier. This is her "awwww' face once she got the soother.
SUPRISE!!!! Jillian was so excited at her one month party, she couldn't contain herself.

15 November 2006

Rough week, new week

Last week was a pretty rough week (hence the lack of postings). . . Tuesday night i awoke to feed Jillian feeling like i just got hit by a really big trick-my-truck semi. I was nauseated like i was going to throw-up, dizzy like i was about to pass-out, weak like i just competed in the iron man, sweating like i took a swim in persperation, but cold like i was ice skating in antartica in the buff. i almost forgot, my left feeding receptical was red, swollen and tender to the touch. Indeed, in all it's beauty, i had MASTITIS. we went to the doctor on wed. i got a shot of high power antibiotics in my booty and was sent home on amoxillin after blood was taken. the next day i got a phone call from the doctor stating that my white blood count was 23,000 (norm is 7,000-11,000). the doc was scared i was septic (the bug running through my blood, not just localized). thankfully, jeff got to take a few days off work and feed Jill from the bottle and take care of me. my repeat wbc was 9,000 two days later (meaning no sepsis)!!! eachday i felt a little better and this week, Jill and i are back on with the feedings.
Jill is now 8 lbs. 2 oz and doing great!! she loves to smile especially after eating. when she's sleeping i can hear her giggling and smiling. it makes me wonder, yet again, what she's remembering. she has a good case of baby acne that hopefully will clear up before her blessing next week. she loves to squeak and scream now and then. she just perfect!! here's some cute pix of our sweet babe.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Right after I snapped this she gave the biggest smile yet!! This is her sweet half smile.
Showing off the big blues (at least for now).

04 November 2006

week two

don't look at my cute chub. look at that killer smile.

we had to get out of the house and go out on the town

.Jill got her first letter in the mail today!! i had to help her a little bit with opening it up. anyone want to guess what her social security number is? come on it'll be fun. . .