22 February 2009

two sisters one heart

first annual two sisters one heart run
was held on v-day.
they raised $25,000.

they share a seven chamber heart and are
undergoing testing for a possible separation surgery.
jeff ran the 10k and i ran the 5k

pre-race we were all smiles.
i ran the 5k in 31:47
jeff's time was wack.
we think he did a 10k in about 45 mins.
me slow he fast.
oh-well, it's not like i did collegiate track or anything.

camille (who just turned 9 months yesterday, more on that later)
was there to cheer us on and send her love to the twins.

it was a perfect way to spend v-day.
welcome to a new tradition.
in other news:
jill had a play date with her cuz' so
sarah could rest after having a sweet baby boy.
jill and chole weren't too sure at first...

they eventually warmed-up to each other...a little.

since the date jill has repeated,
"emma, sadee, sawah, cloudee"
over and over.

17 February 2009

a quick note...

camille stood up from dad's lap and walked three steps unassisted last night.
am i ready for this?
she's only 8.5 months.
guess it's time for a new one.
i'm totally kidding.

13 February 2009

eat your heart out