31 October 2006

Halloween week

Jillian loves to be held by jeff under running water while i wash her off. we thought we could try something new last night. obvisously not a good idea. we quickly resorted back to the tag-team bath and she calmed right down.
one of our favorite past times, staring at the baby. she always wins the staring contests with me b/c i tend to get a little teary eyed and have to blink it off. i have a little too much of mom and dad in me i guess.
it's been great to have mom here the past week! yesterday jillian got to hangout outside with the g-ma's while we beautified the backyard. it's so wonderful to be surrounded by so much love!!
i spiked Jillian's hair for a Halloween party. she's saying "boo!!" if you can't tell.
jeff thinks i'm cruel for making her wear this for Halloween. i think she was cute (thanks sarah w. :)

28 October 2006

a look at Jillians first week

a little smile because she knows how cute she is in her ducky robe after her bath.
i know it looks cruel, but she needs "tummy-time". everyday she's able to hold her head up a little longer. you may be thinking "what long arms". i would answer yes indeed. yet another piece of her father. jeff is 5'10 with the arms of a 6'1 guy. all the better to . . . reach with :)
mommy's favorite way to snuggle with Jillian. thankful she's a cuddler like me!!! jeff's cuddling is sometimes few and far between.
Jillians comfort position. right hand to the face, how sweet.
beautiful eyes. she looks around all the time. i think about what she can remember if anything from before and what she's thinking about as she takes in her surroundings.

26 October 2006

Taylor Tree

Taylor Tree
She's home 10/22/06
oh wow!! look at that cute nose, and those lips!!! i'm speechless.
minutes after the birth. . .okay, so may-be an hour after
4:00 am 10/20/06. A stop by the ER to see some friends from work before we checked in at the materity floor.
Daddy-daughter time.

New Addition!!

Jillian Taylor was born on Friday OCt 20th at 3:15 pm in mesa az. My water broke at 3:15 in the morning, my contractions were really irregular and never became consistant. We started pitosin at 7:00 am. This of-course started labor fast and hard. I got an epidural at 12:00. It was so funny b/c I then wanted it turned off due to the numbess in my left leg. i hated to feel like i wasn't in control. i couldn't even feel it when jeff would pinch and twist my skin. Jeff and the nurse wouldn't let me turn it off or down b/c i was starting to progress quickly. At around 3:00 the doctor came in and said it was time. Three contractions later we had a 7 lbs 6.5 oz 21 inch sweet baby!!!
We couldn't decide on a name until the pressure was on. we named her just befor ewe left the hospital. it was pretty funny to keep telling nurses and doctors that she didn't have a name.
Today Jillian is six days old today and continues to get cuter by the minute. jeff and i can't get enough of her. it's funny how you can just pass the time starring at one sweet little face. she's starting to smile more but we have yet to catch one on camera.
jeff is very protective of her and i love it. in the hospital jeff wouldn't let the nurses take her without him by her side. jeff hasn't even let me give her a bath. i guess i can't complain too much though b/c i get to feed her and i love it. i think i see more expressions than anyone b/c the time i spend with her.
needless to say i'm loving being a "stay-at-home mommie"!!!!