30 June 2009

i have a fungus...

growing in my garden,

and an alien head blooming from my artichoke plant.

speaking of heads...
this little thing isn't so little.

here are her one year stats:
head circumference: 18.5 inches (93%)
weight: 22 lbs (67%)
length: 31 inches (96%)
(i wonder if it's all that healthy food
i've been feeding her that's helping her grow so well.)

on another note...
it's hot as Hades here.
if we're not on the slip-and-slide,
or swimming,

then we're finding ways of having fun on the inside.

(yes, camille can push jill around and they both love it!)

third and final note:
still waiting for production...

(didn't jeff do a fabulous job on the coop?)

07 June 2009

low key

jeff turned 29 on friday.
we celebrated by cleaning carpets and toilets.
watching your babies vomit is the worst present ever.
everyone in the house has had it save me and daddy taylor.
happy birthday jeff.
(next year will be better, i promise)
(after-all you will be officially o3l0d next year)

02 June 2009

feeling the itch...

after 5 years of marriage jeff and i were feeling the itch...
to get out of arizona.
we decided to take a long weekend vacation to the coast.
we visited the Queen Mary and the Port of Los Angeles.

we laughed our faces off at the Laugh Factory in Long Island.

we biked around Catalina Island,
and even trusted our lives to a mask and oxygen tank
(kinda scary but really cool).
most important of all;
i think i won the "1,2,3, open!
(and look directly at the sun)" picture contest.
(dang, that was a painful)

who do you think won?