26 May 2009

one little monkey

ingredients for a monkey party:
one little monkey turning one,

yummy drinks,

great company,

banana-split bar,

bubble machine (big hit of the night),

birthday balloon launch,

timid #2

and a not so timid #1.

that's how you party with a little monkey.

21 May 2009

5 years

and look what we have to show for it...

no more...

expensive formula, back-facing seats, baby food, shots every three months, poopie diapers.

i guess i'll still have the poop, but this sweet face:

is ONE today.

i'm excited to see your face in my rear-view mirror,

and give you regular milk and food,

i can't wait to see how this sweet body will grow and learn in the coming year.
Happy Birthday Camille.

11 May 2009


to all you momma's. yeah, you know who you are. yeah, you know what it's like...sleepless nights, endless giggles,no hubby time,etc. so worth it. happy mother's day. even though i'm at work today i was happy knowing that i have my two sweet daughters to see when i get home.
special shout out to my own madre and jeanette. man (more appropriately stated, woman) i love you guys.

06 May 2009


just a quick up-date:
i've continued working full-time and i don't have a home computer,thus the lack of posts. both of these problems will be amended with in a month from now so as dad always said "hold your horses" on pictures.
a lot has been happening around here. it hit 100 degrees today, boo hoo. camille thinks she's not a baby anymore and i'm finding her on top of the table lickadee split. jill rides her bike like she's in a nascar race with just as many crashes. jeff is in Denver right now at a work conference that includes a golf tournament (imagine that). our chicks are big and hopefully will produce something soon. i'm sick of dealing their patio pooping without any eggs to ease my paings (sp). thier patio poop will be done soon enough either way, we're cooping them. i've enjoyed my time in the er but it's taken a toll on my family and home so i'll be cutting my hours at the end of the month. i continue to shirk my cooking responsibilities to anyone i can including panda express. i LOVE my backyard right now. that's all.