27 February 2008

picnics and kiddie pools

what have you done this week?

21 February 2008

can't think of a title for this one...

jillian got her first french braid for valentines day. it was a big hit with the locals.
jillian likes to have the blanket on and run back and forth kissing me. i love it! petersons, does this video remind you of anyone when they were younger?

18 February 2008

emma and taylor

when i was pregnant with jillian i was thrilled to find out that mandy, a friend in my ward, had the same due date. she already had three children but had since had six miscarriages. tragic news came shortly after the first timester. she was pregnant with twins that shared a heart and a liver, conjoined at the belly. after all her doctors urged her to terminate, and many prayers later she choose to carry. the doctors didn't expect her to make to the third trimester. suprisingly sept. rolled around and the sweet twin girls were scheduled to come c-section a month early. again the doctors prepared for the worse, stating that the seven chamber heart won't last minutes past birth. now the twins are exactly a month older than jill and doing very well. mandy is now expecting a boy the same week i am due!
mandy never wanted to public with her story, not knowing if it was the right thing to do (requesting help etc.). now the girls have a possibility of being separated and recieving artificial hearts until a donor is available. with this possibility the family is looking at being out of state for several months and many expenses. they have now come public. please check out their blog and donate if you're able. if not with funds please pray for their family. http://emmaandtaylorbailey.blogspot.com

11 February 2008


jill is feeling better today!! last week was a pretty rough week for her. hopefully she'll continue on the up and up. with a sick baby on my hip it was hard to blog. this is a little up-date:

a couple weeks ago sarah w. dropped off a toddler bed for jill. i really didn't plan on using until the new babe is about 6 weeks old and needs the crib. thus, i had until about mid-july to get jill into it. the first day i put the bed into jills room she was so curious about it. she would crawl onto it and lay down (just pretending) and then crawl back off. when it was time for bed, with a little push from jeff, i thought we'd see what happened if we put her to sleep in it. a couple of hours later this is what we found. . .
jill and ava raced and both got a cool gold medal.

a few feet from the bed, face down, jill was passed out asleep. poor baby. needless to say she wasn't quite ready for a big girl bed. however, she really does love it. since this night she's actually taken a few naps in it and stayed put. i can't believe what a big girl she's becoming!!

two saturday's ago i ran a 2 mile run for charity with hayley and her husband eric. it was for a girl that was in my ward and passed before we moved down to johnson ranch. the event was held at a big farm (a lot like latin farms but more commerical). it is so fun and exciting to be a part of "something". they also had a 10k and a half marathon. i couldn't help but watch as the runners from the half marathon came in thinking to myself, "am i really going to do that in a few months?" the two mile run was just right for me and my 6 month belly.
jeff and his mom were volunteers there and jeffs dad and ross watched jill for me. after the run they had food, vendors, a rockwall and a kids area.

the week before last jeff had to make a trip down to tuscon for work. he wanted to take jill and i and show us around a bit. jeff lived there from age 4-8. this is his old house . the owners don't keep it up very well.

jeff had to get a picture of him looking in the garbage can in the alley. he has memories of stan and him dumpster diving for "cool stuff". a famous story of jeff was how he started a fire in the alley and then walked all the way around front (in-stead of going through the back door) to tell his mom.

we stopped by and saw jeff's kindergarten teacher Candy Likes. i am not kidding about her name, i may of mis-spelled it though. Mrs. Likes didnt' remember him and i think jeff was pretty shocked. jeff actually got kicked out of her class and had to go to another school b/c of his behavior. jeff kept saying "i can't believe that you don't remember me, i kicked you!". lol.

as we were driving home we saw this truck. tuscon in a nut-shell...

07 February 2008

sick baby

jill hasn't been feeling well since monday. monday and tues. she barely ate and was sleeping all day. yesterday she felt really warm... her temp was 103!! today hasn't been any better.
normally, jills attention span for cartoons is 5 min max. today, jeff laid her down and she just laid down and watched tv. poor sweet sick baby. hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better, her budda belly is disappearing! here's jill in happier times. (i had to post these pics, i think they are so cute. jill loves her crib and sleeping. it's so funny.)