23 August 2012

July 2012

In July we made two trips to Jeff's home town San Angelo.  The first one was for speed boat races.  We stayed with one of his best friends Colin. This was the sunset at the dock of his lake front property.

We got to dance the night away to a private concert.  We all had a great weekend.
The second trip was for a memorial for a friend of his that died a few years ago, Sean Sparks. We visited with Seans' family and friends and had a good time reminiscing. This time was stayed in a hotel and the girls loved it.
Of-course we celebrated Independence Day.  The girls got fancy hair, face paint, red-white snacks, parade candy, and carnival rides.
We attended a BBQ with some new friends and hit up the towns firework show. Exhausting but fun day.

Jeff has been working very hard so any time we get to spend together as a family is cherished. We've been to many Round Rock Express games and really enjoy going on family walks to explore to local landscape.

Stanley moved in with us in June and we all really love having family near. The girls especially love when he plays with them. 

I've been learning my way around by way of splash pad locations. Poor Coco gets pretty tired of it.
The girls gym had a parents day and we got to see what they've been working on. Both of my girls really amaze me with their strength and coordination.

Austin always has something going on. We got to attend an outdoor play at an amphitheater with friends from the ward. It was The Sound of Music, and it was absolutely spectacular. This is now a family tradition.
We sure are loving this Texas summer.

15 August 2012

June 2012

Jeff turned 32 in June. We decided to take and family hike and explore our new surroundings.
We went a bit further than anticipated and the landscape was extra dry because of last years drought.
The girls had fun especially when we decided to take a dip in the lake in our unders.
Coco has met a few of the girls toys.  They were less than affectionate with him.
Sadly Camille got a glue fly trap stuck in her hair and had to get a hair cut.  This is my chop just to get the matte out.  We went the next day to a professional.
In May, Jillian asked to try riding a bike without training wheels.  By June she was completely confident.

I got to fly to AZ and be with the Peterson siblings for a day because Grandpa Pete died. It was wonderful to see the family, especially when were weren't all on our phones.
Coco met some new cousins.
The chapel was full of family and friends of one of the best men I knew.  They all shared stories of my Grandpa. "Sure do love and appreciate you", is a phrase he said each time I saw him.  Although I heard it often, the feeling of love and sincerity was never lost. Here we are at the grave site:
He was buried in St. John's at the same grounds as his father and his father's father.  I learned some wonderful history about my paternal roots.
This is my Great-grandpa Brigham Young Peterson and his wife Stella Jarvis.

This is my Great-great-grandfather Marcor Hanson and his wife Anna.  Marcor came to America on a boat with his brothers. They all kept their fathers first name for their last as was the tradition in Denmark. Marcor chose to use Hanson (father was Han) as a middle name and use his father's last name as his own (which was the American way). He also chose to change it from Petersen to Peterson to sound more American.  Thus making him the first Peterson on America. 
He went to SLC and started his family.  He was called by B.Y. to take his family and settle AZ.  
This plaque is at the edge of the cemetery and tells the story of the settlement. It over looks the valley where the first Peterson hut was.
I loved to hear all the stories from my father of his childhood as he toured his hometown.  We even knocked on his childhood home and got to walk through. 
It was wonderful to see my family even under sad circumstances.
RIP grandpa.
(self-portrait images found on Jeff's ipad)

14 August 2012

6 month

 Time is speeding up with each child.  Coco turned 6 months old in July.  
He still has luscious lips and crystal blue eyes.
He has found his toes and can sit up by himself for a short period of time.
His favorite place to be is outside. He can roll from belly to back, but not back to belly.
He only babbles a little and will smile at anyone.

He has been officially diagnosed with GERD. We started Nexium and he does seem to be doing better. He only spits up a few times a day and seems less uncomfortable.  Now to figure out a way to make time slow down.

6 month stats:
Head Circ:  23 cm   25%
Height:   28 inches  94%
Weight:  17 lbs 10 oz  50%