18 September 2009

when will i see you again?

i miss my peeps a lot.
these are the ones i am most comfortable around.
these are the ones who love me no matter.
these are the ones i wish lived closer.
these are the ones i look up to.
these are the ones i love.

we had a wonderful time re-connecting
in the mountains of colorado.

the quaint town of breckenridge hosted us all for a week.

surrounded by trees and mountains i found my inner peterson.

late-night talks, yoga classes, and alpine slides are
among the best memories from the week.

of-course all of the cousins had a
glorious time with one another...

even if they were unsure at times.

Cousins '09 from Sarisker on Vimeo.

i sure miss my peterson family.

15 September 2009

my birthday wish

i've always loved being an august baby.
i enjoy the summers.
i love the anticipation of fall
that late august brings
and i love having a birthday.
this year my one wish was to go
camping in the red rocks of sedona.
we had never been and i was eager beat the
heat and expand my love of arizona.
we found a pretty camp site among the trees and mountains.
it even had a pretty little river running through it.
(this a big deal for me coming from the dry,
drought-cursed valley-of-the-sun)
the girls had a great time
(save jill and her non-fear of bugs that
landed her with the first bee sting of her life)
 jeff cooked us some yummy tin-foil dinners.
it was so yummy that we had about twenty or so
unexpected visitors.
(note the visitor under the table)
the next morning we went to slide-rock canyon.
birthday wish fulfilled.

10 September 2009

back in the day

i had some friends.
a few of us thought we could ditch the kiddos
for two nights and be friends again.
only this time as mature, well-dressed adults.

across the amazing Hoover dam
which is soon to be Hoover bridge, and into Big-horned Sheep territory.
(check out that big 'ol alpha male behind the tree)
we had a great time in vegas.
the three of us.
lounging by the pool,eating at cool restaurants, and even meeting up with the class pres.
friends from back in the day are the coolest of friends.

(events took place in july)