29 April 2008

the past couple weeks

jill, sam, and caroline playing. i thought jill was the only one that liked all my shoes. apparently anyone between 1-3 likes my shoes.
jill loved having gma and gpa pete and jon's family to visit. it was really fun to see her run around with sam and to wake up so happy to see gma and gpa pete.
jill showed sam what us arizonans do in april.

these are the only pics i took of the last few weeks. a lot has happened though. i'll blame it on the cold and my foggy pregnancy brain as to why i kept forgetting my camera. i've been waiting to receive some pics via email or steal them via other blogs but to no avail.

jeff's dad had a birthday a few weeks ago and it was great to see everyone and let jill play dress up with her cousins. jill has really opened up to letting anyone hold her and even prefers others at times over jeff or i. i'm not going to lie...sometimes it hurts my feelings.

my grandpa turned 90 years old two weeks ago. the petersons had a birthday bash (as "bashy" as you can at 90) for him in mesa and chandler. on thursday we met at the Old Country Buffet for dinner. jill actually liked the OCB Bee (thier mascot) and wasn't scared of him.

i was the lucky one to have my parents a couple brothers fly in for the event. it is so nice to see family. james and valerie brought carrie and jon and kristen brought sam. we all went to the zoo on saturday morning and then to the party. jill loved spending time with sam and caroline. this was my first time at a real zoo and i loved it. i couldn't get over the giraffe. are those things really real?

(i did steal a couple pics from kristen). jeff took my dad and jon out golfing. mom, kristen and i joined in a few holes with the kiddos. it's fun to just ride around on in the carts.

the day of the party jeff ran in Pat's Run with his family. this has quickly become a Taylor tradition. i can't wait until next year so me and the girls can participate. i ran it two years ago, four months prego with jill. i just thought being 9 months prego and my family in town i'd skip this year.

( i also stole these pics)

last saturday jeff did a triathlon. it was so cool. i'll be post about it soon...

24 April 2008

18 months

jillian turned 18 months old on sunday. it has become more and more difficulty to hold her with my big ol' belly while conducting and doing sharing time in primary. i was looking forward to sending her to nursery. jeff couldn't just leave her so he stayed in the room for the first half. i don't think jill even noticed that he was there or that i forced him to leave. she did great!! one month of baby free primary...then i'll have a brand new one at the hip.
i will admit that i sorta missed having jill with me though. she is just so dang cute during singing time.
she had her 18 month appointment on tues. she got a shot and didn't even cry!! i couldn't believe it. the doctor said "this is the easiest 18 month check-up i've ever done. is she always so cooperative?" the doctor must not have remembered her 1 yr check-up when she cried from the moment the doctor walked in the room to the moment i got jillian in the car. hopefully, jill will have pleasant appt. from now on. here's her stats: weight 26 lbs (75%), head 18.6 in (79.9%), height 34 in (97%).

23 April 2008


sick and pregnant don't mix! for the last 2.5 weeks i have had a killer cold. between blowing my nose, losing my voice, and coughing up a lung, i was trying to get ready for company (some of my family came down) and get ready for the new baby. needless to say jill was a little neglected and became bff's with the tv for a week or so. oh, and my blogging went down the tubes. here's a few clips i did manage to get while i was sickly:

Untitled from Alisha on Vimeo.

Untitled from Alisha on Vimeo.

08 April 2008

conference weekend

it's become somewhat of a tradition to have a pot-luck dinner at the TT house for the last session of conference. it's a little hard to listen with so many chewing mouths and a handful of sweet kiddos running around. i love any opportunity for jill to hang with her cousins. emma was laughing at her and said "it's funny when jillian talks because you don't know what she's saying". oh, of-course ballard and monson were hi-lites of the weekend.

04 April 2008

What do you want to hear first?

a few days ago as i was watering my flower sprouts that are up against the house i noticed that they were looking sad. on closer inspection i saw that each of them had a few bite marks and were missing some of their leaves. i'd be pretty sad too if i were being bitten all night. by the next morning every single last flower sprout was GONE!!! last night jeff went out there and saw two crickets in the area. i am sooooooo sad! what now? do you think some of my seeds might still sprout? can crickets dig and eat seeds too, or are they only scavengers of cute little flower sprouts? today i closely inspected my other flower sprouts and my veggie garden. no stupid bug has got to them yet. i have my fingers crossed.

less than two months to go to meet our new little girl. the last few days i've been touching my belly with jill and saying "come out sister". (stole it from hayley). jill doesn't really act like she knows what i'm saying though. lately at night i've had a bit of anxiety while i try and sleep. it's hard enough to sleep while big and uncomfortable but i feel like there is so much to do before she gets here. never the less i am getting soooooo excited. i can't wait to give birth (is that weird?). every time i have a contraction i get really pumped up for the whole experience. i don't think my belly has grown since the last pic but maybe i'll get around to documenting it with a photo some time. let the count down begin. 7.5 weeks to go...