27 November 2010

just a little ditty

yesterday was a great day.

have you seen this movie?
i took my girls yesterday to watch it.
it is officially my favorite animated disney film.
i was laughing out-loud and i cried twice too.
you should go see it.
it's sooooooo good.

did you watch this game?

me either.

i actually started to
(b/c as you know, this is the biggest game for unr EVER)
i fell asleep in the first quarter.
(i went black friday shopping at midnight that morning
and was emotionally drained from watching tangled. i was exhausted.)
jeff took me to bed.
i woke-up today and found out about the game from the web.
jeff got pounced for not waking me.
i'm headed to watch the game now.
thankful for DVR.
way to go alma mater

17 November 2010

fotoblog of jill's party

                                      our jillian had a costume party for her 4th birthday.
                                                    all those cool enough to dress-up
                                                                   night games

                                                             indestructible pinata

                       balloon launch
                                                                                   skull cake

                                                                            sweet satisfaction.

02 November 2010

moving status up-date

on 27 march 2010 i posted that we were moving.  the day we signed papers, the new owners told us that we could stay through the summer as they are snow birds and wouldn't be back until the fall. we decided to go month to month in hopes that we would find a place we liked and move. i had the kitchen already packed and our walls and windows decor have been boxed since the day we signed.  no curtains, no family pictures, no toaster, no crock-pot, no winter clothing. no nothing.

as fall approached we found the rental prices dropping. we choose to wait and see how far they would drop after school was in session. sure enough, the prices were right. two months ago i spoke to the canadians (new owners) and they said they wouldn't be down until late nov. so, we stayed.
two weeks ago i spoke to the canadians again. the harvest was late due to rain (they are farmers) and they can't make it down until jan. so, we can stay.
yesterday i got a message. the mother of the canadians is ill. the canadians won't be coming until jan 2012. we can stay for another year.  do we stay? do we move? do i un-pack? do i keep it packed and hope to find a deal closer to town?  i am so indecisive i am going crazy with the options...