31 August 2008

blessing camille

camille was so excited to get blessed today. after-all she had to wait 3+ months for gpa and gma pete to come down to az. the dress fit perfectly.
here's our sweet family.
we had a great group show up for a great blessing.
camille is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
however, jill and cam can't get enough of the pacifiers (notice how jill has three, and if given the chance she will steal camilles').

21 August 2008


today i am 26 years old. i am also content. i have a great husband, two sweet daughters, my own home, a great education and career, and my health. not too bad for a chick in her late 20's. (i also have a sweet new bike!)
back in the day...
i was pretty cool with my eyes half open and my tounge out.
jill loves to hold cam. she always holds her hand (i.e. wrist)
jill also enjoys drawing on herself when i'm not around.
who woulda thought that after 26 years of life i'd have two of the cutest little girls depending on me?

sisters from Alisha on Vimeo.

10 August 2008

san tan moutain

this is me...
i wish. jeff and i went mountain biking last weekend. it was my first time. i got a quick lesson on gears and off we went. it was a great workout and way more fun than running! i think i have a new hobby. i need to wait until it cools off though and i have my own bike (hint hint jeff).
quick note: Pres. Bush does have some redeeming qualities. he's from TX and yesterday he rode the mountain bike Olympic trail then played pepper with misty may. i'd like to do that.

03 August 2008

summer fun

camille loves the bath. she also loves to sleep on her belly. every morning she has a new little "patch" on her cheek from sleeping on it. not to mention the heat rash she gets from the AZ sun. a daily bath seems to help her complexion the best.
jeff and i went to the New Port Beach temple last weekend. my new favorite!!
jill and cam enjoyed sharing a moment in the hotel port-a-crib. they loved the beach but no pics.
jeff confirmed kristen, the bride, years ago from his mission and then we got invited to her sealing. very rewarding for jeff.