28 February 2007

Jill bill of health

Jill got her SHOTS yesterday. No matter how many shots I've given, I don't think I'll ever get use Jill getting shot. I didn't cry this time, so I am getting better. The feeling that I've had consistently with each appointment is anger. I get so mad at the medical assistants' that give the shots. First of all, why can't the GREAT MEDICAL FIELD find a way that four shots can be combined to one. Secondly, if the vaccine for rota virus is oral, why can't the others be oral and get rid of needles all together? Thirdly, is there not another helper so you can do all four shots at once, instead of one after another after another after another? Fourthly, I know that I could've do a better job than that stupid nurse!!!! Okay, so the medical assistance did a pretty good job (much better than the one at the two months appointment), she nice and compassionate and knew what she was doing. Now that I've vented my frustration, here's Jills stats. . .
(don't make fun of my sweet bean pole)

Height: 24 inches long (40th percentile)
Head: 16 inches round (30th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs (10-15th percentile)

The doctors not worried about her weight. She said that it's probably her 'genetic make-up'. Jill danced and smiled for the doctor and we got a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH.
(Sorry, no pictures. Batteries are dead)

22 February 2007

Pink flamingo

jill won't use both legs at the same time. she loves to stand on one. it is hilarious to watch her. she also loves to try and jump. she's taking after her mom:)
daddy and baby staying up late. when jill's tired her eyes and nose get pink, but she still smiles.

20 February 2007


four months today and almost sitting up!! okay so she still needs our help but she really wants to do it herself.
after. i'm pretty sure this move is on purpose and not accidental anymore. everyday it seems like she gets more coordinated and more animated. i love watching her progression. i've worked a couple 8 hour shifts and Jeff has gotten to spend more time with Jill. she loves her dad!! i think that it has helped them bond and now she really lights up when he comes in the room. we love having this sweet heart in our lives. what a great four months!

14 February 2007

happy valentines day

Jillian loves to give love and be loved. what a sweet heart.

13 February 2007

sweet face, big feet

07 February 2007

a good dose of Jillian!!

she was fascinated by the camera. i should bring it out more so she won't look straight at it. it was so fun though, b/c she was talking to it and laughing the whole time.
blurry but cute
what's up with the shudder speed? Jillian is so patient and sweet.
a little bright.
a little dark.
i haven't taken the time to figure out jeff's camera yet and the pictures reflect it. i felt like we all needed a big dose of Jill though. so, here you see the lack of skill with digital cameras.
if you'll also notice the clothing; the weather has been just beautiful. Jillian, Jeff and I have been wearing shorts and tee's in the 76-80 degree weather. it's so fun to play outside in the grass and enjoy arizona.

01 February 2007

stans home!!!

jill was so excited to meet uncle stanley. look how anxious she is :)
they hit it off. it's so great to see stan home. we are so proud of him.
a little blurry, but i love the expressions. smiles can be seen but happy tears can be felt. stan just returned from his mission in RioDeJanerio Brazil North. jeff's excited to help stan adjust and i'm sure he'll be a great uncle for jill. we can't wait to hear more stories and see pictures from Brazil.