11 February 2012

26 January 2012

Jeffrey Dayton Taylor Jr. aka Coco,
made his debut on Jan 26th @ 2:28 pm
and it goes like this...
On Wed the 25th my Dr. became concerned because of decreased fetal movement and lack of belly growth x 3 weeks. She sent me for an ultrasound. During the u/s, Coco was without movement and the tech estimated he was 7lbs 7oz and measuring a week behind, (this weight was the same as it was two weeks prior).  The Dr wanted to get the baby out so I was scheduled for induction the next morning. Even with the birth scheduled, I had the Dr sweep my membranes in hopes of starting labor naturally.
Although the news from the u/s and Dr wasn't positive, we were all very excited to meet coco. I attempted a nap, but my heart and mind were worried. Jeff gave me a blessing. We both felt peace come what may. That evening around 8 i began having contractions 10-15 mins apart.
My parents arrived at 11 and the contractions were more consistent, about 10 mins apart. We headed to bed after visiting with the 'rents.
Thursday morning at 6 Jeff and I arrived at the hospital for the scheduled induction.
The nurses were anxious to get going. I got an iv and they were just about to start the pitocin when I said "I think I'm in labor". She checked the monitor and sure enough I'd had four contractions in 30 mins. She checked my progress; I was 4 cm dilated, one more than I was at the Dr's office the day before. I refused the pitocin until I could talk to the Dr.

Shift change came at 7 and my new nurse was even more anxious than the last to have this baby. She wanted to start the pitocin and requested to break my water multiple times. I again refused.  I asked to walk around; she told me that 'they don't do that here'. So I sat and waited. All smiles.
When my Dr came she confirmed that I was in labor and gave permission for me to walk the halls.
Jeff and i walked and walked and found these:
From what I gather it's called a mum and the bigger and tackier it is the better, at least in Tx.
After a good laugh and a bit of google images for the largest mum ever, we returned to the room  to check my progress. It was 10:30 and I was at 5 cm.

More walking and more intense contractions brought us to noon and 7 cm. I wasn't smiling anymore.
The Dr. came and asked to break my water because she wasn't sure she'd be around for delivery if we waited. I consented, but not until I got an epidural. The epidural was done at 12:20 and my water was broke at 12:30.

I was positioned on my left side for an hour; at 1:30 I switched to the right.  Immediately, I was uncomfortable.  My right side was completely numb but I felt intense pain on the left.  The pain got worse and worse.  At 2 I finally told Jeff to get the nurse. She was already headed in saying "some thing's happening on the monitor".  Sure enough it was go time. The Dr came in and I started pushing. I was positioned on my back and was completely numb.  I couldn't even tell when I was contracting; I wasn't pushing effectively.  The Dr suggested turning off the epidural.  We turned it off and the Dr. left. With-in minutes I could feel the contractions and was able to push. I went through three contractions with the nurse and Jeff when I saw the babys' black hair.  The nurse freaked out a bit and told me to stop pushing. She yelled for the Dr and Jeff ran out of the room looking for her. I felt the baby slip back up. Once everyone was ready the baby was out three contractions later. He looked like this: 
A few tense moments and a lot of suction later, JDTJ "pinked-up" and cried.
He was out. All 5 fingers and 5 toes in-tact. I was smiling again.
The u/s was wrong. He was a big healthy boy at 8 lbs 8 oz and measuring at 19 inches.
(I have always thought the measuring of the child is incredibly inaccurate. My thought was validated at his Dr. appt when four days later he measured 21 inches. That is quite the growth spurt!)

My parents and girls were in the waiting room during delivery and came in when things were cleaned up.
Jeff is a proud father,
and the girls love him from "head to toe" (as Camille often says).
I am grateful to have had my parents here to help.
They took care of the girls so Jeff and I could get to know the new one.

Now you get to get to know the new one.
His face shape and lips remind me of Camille.
He is incredibly smiley.

 I'm attempting 'Baby Wise' again. he has been sleeping uninterrupted 5.5 hours at night already.
It appears that he has the hair-line of my father...
His eyes remind me of Jillian's at this age, very blue/purple/grey mix.
 He has very long feet, toes, and fingers.
He seems to have a long torso when compared to his legs.
 Now that you know him, wanna name him?  On paper he is Jeffrey Dayton Taylor Jr.  In this home he is most often called Coco.  Jill occasionally calls him Jeff Jr.  We a few friends that call him Junior.  I'm leaning toward JJ but feel weird saying it. Jeff thinks JT is better.

Yesterday was his 2 week appt.  He weighed in at 9.1 lbs and measured 22 inches. He again had an amazing growth spurt.

We are blessed by him.