30 April 2007

weekend apart

johnson ranch golf course.
yes, this is in arizona. i wish i would've seen it! getting lost (while biking)sometimes has its rewards:)
colin and i at the airport.
jeff catching some air on the crazy terrain.
another cool discovery while trying to find the way home. . .

jeffs friend colin from tx came into town this weekend. we haven't seen colin for a couple years and it was fun for jeff to have him in az when i wasn't here. they played tennis until the wee hours of the morning, golfed, went to the cabin and had a crazy time mountain biking (you'll have to call jeff for the whole life-threatening story), and went to a comedy show. we love monica and nora!
britta, jill and scott. jill loves her daddy's toothbrush:)

congrats amy!
olivia and jill pretty in pink.

gma and gpa pete
jill was getting too popular while in utah. we had to hide her celebrity. that tongue gives her away though!

i got to go to utah for Amy's graduation from UVU (previously known as UVSC. it was a much needed dose of mom and dad pete. jill also got to play with olivia and meet scott and britta and the beans. we were able to meet up with monica and nora too. utah is so beautiful at this time of year. the size of the tulips blew me away!! i really enjoyed the good scenery (big flowers and bigger mountains) and great company!

even though we both had a fun weekend, it's not so fun to be apart. the best part of the weekend was coming together at the airport on sunday. i love jeff and jill and me together forever.

25 April 2007

6 month photo shoot

heres jills stats:
Length: 25.5 in 39th %tile
Head: 16.5 in 33rd %tile
Weight: 13.5 lbs 5.6 th %tile
I'm feeding her and she's eats a lot i promise!!! look how happy she is! i promise she's not hungry.

20 April 2007

6 months today

Jills milestones meet this week:
- found feet and seems to like the way they taste
- rolling from back to belly
- copying the "hee" sound of hello after we say it
- 6 months old today

10 April 2007


Easter Sunday is great. I wonder how the tradition started of "Easter dresses" etc. Perhaps wearing something "new" is symbolic of the resurrection, like eggs. If nothing else, it's nice to dress special just to remember the resurrection. What do you think?
Jill has her eyebrows up all the time. it makes her look surprised, as if saying "oh hi, i didn't see you there."

I can't get Jill to sit anymore (see a few posts back). she stiffens up and will not bend at the waist. we're working on teaching here to hold onto things so we don't have to steady her all the time. what a crazy girl. and, not that's not Antonio Banderas. that's Jeff.

Here's a family picture that's going on the wall. as many of you know Jill has two teeth poking through. now, it's not her tongue that's out, its her lips in. it's funny to watch as she tries to figure out what is going on in her mouth. i wish you could see her Easter dress here. she looked so pretty!

05 April 2007

Jilli Jumper

Untitled on Vimeo

03 April 2007

last weekend

last week jeff was working at the Pinal County fair. jill and i got to go on friday and enjoy the animals!! i loved these sweet little goats. what's their names again? i also watched the showing of pigs. i'm not sure how i'd feel if i raised a beautiful animal and then turned around and sold it for bacon. don't get me wrong. i eat all the meat i can, however i can only imagine that these animals become part of the family. anyway, i loved to see all the kids run around wearing green (4H) and taking care of their animals. eventally i want to be a cow/farm girl. i know that jill would love to run around the compound with all the goats, sheep, pigs, cows and riding the horses.

on another topic. i LOVE conference weekend. firstly, it reminds me of being younger and going on vacation to utah. secondly, i love listening to all the talks. finally, i love Pres. Hinckley!!! i feel like those older people who always talk about Pres Kimball. i know i'll always talk about Pres. Hinckley.
These were some of my favorite thoughts/talks from this weekend. . . Elder Holland: "no misfortune is so bad that whining will make it better". "speak with a new tongue. the tongue of angels". Pres. Faust: "We must forgive, even if the other has not repented". "hate retards spiritual growth". Elder Oaks: "festering in destructive". "3 parties: me, spouse, the Lord". Elder Eyring: "SOMEDAY" "do not be complacent by what we have already done". "please, let me serve this day". Elder Dahlquist: "who's on the Lords side who?" "1) never forget who you are 2) learn to control your thoughts".