29 March 2012

Blue Eyes

My blue eyed baby is 2 months old.
 He is cooing and smiling and finally sleeping well.
Most often he is still called Coco or Cokes. As requested the story of the nick name Coco:
While I was pregnant Jeff and I asked the girls what we should name the baby.  They agreed on Ellie. Ellie has been both the girls favorite name for some time. All of their animal and baby dolls have been named Ellie for over a year. When asked, "What if it's a boy?" both agreed on Coco. It isn't known how they came up with the name or why they assigned it to a male gender. It isn't in a cartoon or book that we know of.  Once we knew it was a boy the name Coco entered our prayers and family conversations. When he was born and given an official name we all continued to use the name Coco. We have tried several times to call him other variations of his name: JJ, JD, Junior, Jeffrey Jr., etc with little success. I introduce him as Jeffrey Jr. but our friends and most family call him Coco. I think he likes it. 

2 month stat:
13 lbs 4 oz--- 88%
24 inches--- 88%    

04 March 2012

Feb 2012

Jillian lost her first tooth. She swallowed it while eating a banana. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy and was excited to find a wrinkled dollar bill under her pillow in the morning.
Jeff took the girls to their first "Daddy Daughter Valentines Day Dance".  They all got fancied up for the night out. It was a big hit.

We had a fun time getting ready for Valentines Day.
We made yummy treats,
put hearts in our hair,
went to a few parties with friends,
and spent all month getting to know our newest Valentine.

We had a few really warm days and couldn't resist the calling of the sun.
The question most oft asked of me is how am I feeling. Does this picture answer your question?
Mostly I feel like a zombie and look like one too.  Awesome. The other day I asked Jeff if he thought my outfit looked good. He innocently said, "Yeah, if you did your make-up and hair". Awesomer.

I got to attend a Regional Women's Conference and meet President Beck. I left the meeting spiritually feeling motivated.

As for this cowboy?
#3 has been my hardest adjustment.  It has been very difficult to get him to sleep and on a schedule. With 1 and 2 it was a breeze and happened quickly. 3 is a challenge in every respect. Jeff and I are out numbered. We went from doing one-on-one defense to a zone defense.  It seems to get easier each day though.
One major positive is that Jeff and the girls have become much closer because I've been at the babes beckon call. He even took them camping last weekend. (Hopefully, pictures to come).

Finally, this:
"Um, excuse me but something just happened in my pants."
Your caption?
Here's another:
Teacher: "Jeffrey Junior?"
Coco: "Uh, yeah. That's me. Over here."