29 July 2007

corbett reunion

here's my sweet family on temple square. on tues. we watched a little bit of the pioneer parade. jill and i go tto meet L. Tom Perry. he was sitting in front of the beehinve house so i walked right up to him and started conversation. he just gooed (as much as an apostle would) over jill. i wanted jeff to take a picture of us but he said "that's pauperazi" (as if that's a verb :)
SLC will never get old to me. i love it everytime i visit. this time was especially fun for me to have jeff and jill. jill loved to play in the grass and try to eat it. we ate lunch at the lion house and toured the old tabernacle and the new conference center. i really feel like i could've spent more time in SLC than i had.

here's jill with her cousin Chloe Wright. jill can't wait until she can play!

25 July 2007

road trip

jeff and jeanette after sweatin it up the moutian

on our way up to park city for jeff's family reunion we stopped in zions national park saturday and mom and dad pete's home sunday. on saturday we had all be awake since 4ish with little to no sleep so we decided to make the most of our road trip (queen creek to park city = 12 hours) and hike in zions :) we hiked to the three emerald pools. it was a pretty vigorous hike at times. i really enjoyed the air and the trees and the views. jill even made it all the way to the top.
jill is normally a really good traveler. this has been a hard vacation so far though. jill had a stomach bug for 7 days! it just ended yesterday. hopefully the rest of the vacation will be more enjoyable for her...
prom pose at the pool
this is a view from the hike to the third emerald pool. awesome huh?

20 July 2007

9 month photo shoot

yes, nine months old today. time seems to speed up as i get older. jill still has light hair and blue/grey eyes. when i was pregnant with her we use to joke, "i wonder what she'll look like" (b/c jeff and look similar, for sure, she'll have dark eyes and dark hair).
lately jills been pulling herself up and then letting go for 1-3 secs. she loves when jeff and i crawl around with her and she'll chase us from room to room. then when we turn around to chase her, she just keeps coming to get us. i guess she likes us as much as we like her. she really is the joy in my life.

15 July 2007

walking practice

practice from Alisha and Vimeo.

walking from Alisha and Vimeo.

09 July 2007

high five

high five from Alisha and Vimeo.

jills been giving me high fives and clapping now for a few days. of-course (we've talked about this before) when the camera's out or i try and show jeff she won't perform. finally, i got it.

06 July 2007

let freedom ring

jillian has a new found freedom...standing up. she's been doing this for about a week, but now she knows it provides new fun. today, as jill was "napping" i heard a few giggles. i ever so slowly and quietly opened the door to her room. i was greeted with this picture, i had to run and get the camera. on the fourth jillian learned the freedom of screams, i mean speech. we went to a bbq where three two year olds were just loud as can be. jill quickly learned that she too can scream. now her choice form of communication is a high pitched squeal/scream and of-course bababa. she's so proud of herself too, always smiling after she makes the new noises. this age is so fun! i can't wait to see what's next...

04 July 2007

week long of fun

on friday i got to go to Utah for Grandma and Grandpa Pete's 70th anniversary reunion. can you imagine that? 70 years married!! it's amazing. grandpa speaks so fondly of grandma and grandma looks to grandpa for direction. i relish in the time i get to spend with them. it was great to reconnect with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. we've all grown so much. i also got to connect with a peterson crowd that still live in az. we've made plans to get together and i hope we follow through.

this is the gary peterson family that was able make it to utah. i'll post the picture of the extended family when i get it...there was a ton of us there.

on sunday we got to go to Lake Powell with jeff's mission buddies. it was a blast. jill like to drive the boat with Brian Myers (it was his house boat). the place we camped with absolutely majestic. we were right up next to a cliff. each day we got to go wake boarding, surfing, snorkeling and cliff jumping. it was a great trip!

jeff got to fish and he caught a bunch of stripped bass. he also speared a few carp. the last day jill was so exhausted!!

if you look close you'll see me in the blue swimsuit. this huge rock/cliff was as if it were sliced with a knife. once we climbed the littler rocks, the big one just opened up. it was phenomenal!! we were walking in between this two perfectly parallel cliffs rising up to the sky. the temp. was at least 10 degrees cooler inside the rock. you could touch either side at the same time. it was unbelievable! what a great week.