06 April 2009

month in review

a month ago i started working here:

i received a blessing by a catholic priest who annointed my hands during orientation. then i began my work full-time
as a "healing-hand" in the er.

since my time back at work i've seen some more pretty sweet stuff but man i'm missing this sweet thing:

she's not too happy when i leave for work.

my days off now are filled with catch-up clean-up.
this number hates when she gets the sports bra stuck around her neck during laundry day.

but it's still fun to play in clean clothes.

the garden is flourishing and we've even enjoyed a couple strawberries.

the warm weather has been so nice.

camille is loves to climb...little monkey.

she hates baby food.
she loves daddy's food.

jeff built the coolest coop for our newest addition...

four little chicks.