27 October 2010

Crane Halloween Party

i found a stray cat and decided to keep it.
The local bruja cast a spell on me...

the spell was called,
apparently the spell worked.

at the annual crane halloween party
we found-out where jill's witch blood came from.

after eating soup and homemade bread we checked-out
some of the other crazy people.
great tradition.

21 October 2010

Q & A with Jillian

Jillian Taylor (4 years, 1 day)
yesterday was jill birthday.
she is now 4.
i am loving this stage in her life.
so many questions.
more comprehension.
helpful and creative.
we celebrated with a day at the zoo.
halloween birthday party coming soon.
favorite color: red
favorite phrase: "mom, take a picture"
(as evidence by the follow):
(note: i do not prompt the poses, facial expressions, etc)

she is incredibly strong and coordinated.
(as shown by scaling the door frame)
favorite animal: red butterfly
favorite movie: James and the Giant Peach
best friend: mommy and sister

17 October 2010

don't judge

about a year ago i took my first Zumba class.
my teacher was spunky, fun, and a great dancer.
her name is val.
i was soon a regular booty shaker in her classes.
about six months ago she approached me to take over her class as her family was planning on moving.
though i was flattered, i was working full-time and didn't have the time to devote to Latin-fitness dancing.
a new teacher was found and val stopped teaching.
come to find out she didn't move.
unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer, thus delaying their move and affecting her entire world.
check  her out here:
and here:

i am inspired by her.
music moves her and it  moves me.
i love dancing.
i love working-out.
Zumba is a fun blend of the two.
i really enjoy doing Zumba.
when i do Zumba i think of my first teacher, val.
as of yesterday, i am a certified Zumba instructor.
don't judge.
it's really fun.
 i feel a little shy about it but have decided to share...

01 October 2010


i don't cook much. therefore, we don't have many leftovers.
however, i do have a lot of leftover pictures from the summer.
enjoy this little feast of leftover pictures.
temple square 2010

fun with cousin olivia

i found camille under the car with my cat TJ
"i save PJ. she's stuck"-camille

jillian and nora at a tea party in logan ut

jill's favorite dog ever, lily.