31 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Apparently, around here the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to
decorate a tree along the busy roads.
We joined the tradition and our cheer is increased every time we drive by.
Now I'm wondering if I go clean it up or if the city will...
(just being lazy and hoping the city will)
Santa came and went.
Jeff got a couple targets and accessories for his new found
hobby, archery.
The girls got an easel, pillow pets, and bed quilts.

Santa really nailed it with me.
Rain boots and a hammock, who could ask for more?

Now it's time to get serious and prep for baby Coco.

20 December 2011

Texas up-date

Blogging consistently hasn't been a priority for a very long time.
When I look back at older entries I get sad to see events that I've missed.
Seeing that I use this as my scrapbook and family journal,
I think I have a bit of catching up to do.  

I am 34 weeks pregnant.
Due date is January 31st.
I feel good in the mornings, tired in the afternoon, and grumpy in the evenings.
I'm addicted to eating Almond Kisses and Tums are strategically placed throughout the home.
I wonder if I wouldn't need so many Tums if I didn't consume all the Kisses.
Oh, well.

We moved to Texas on Dec 1st.
The first question I usually get is, "Are you all unpacked?"
This is comical. I have what I need unpacked. If I need something else
I venture to the disaster zone (aka the garage) to find it,
many times to re-enter to the home without the object that I searched for
but with some other thing that is useful.
Top priority was the tree.
Totally useful and important.

Back to the move:
We made the 16 hour drive in two days.
Stan graciously drove me and the girls and Jeff drove the big truck.
It was quite obvious once we entered Texas.
This is what came out of the waffle maker at the hotel our
first night in TX.
I don't recall ever seeing a waffle shaped Arizona or Utah.
This is another common site in Texas.
BBQ spots that look like barns.
The home we are renting is much older and bigger than we are use to.
Here she is on a foggy, drizzly, Austin morning.

The inside can use a lot of work (that will never happen),
but the outside is a dream.
We are on half an acre and have over 20 mature trees in the backyard.
This is just a glimpse. We see a lot of birds and squirrels each morning.
We also spot deer almost daily driving around the neighborhood.
This is the view on the route to church:
This was my view at our first church service:
Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and genuine to our family.
I feel like I have already made friendships that will only continue to grow.
The girls got to see Santa at our new wards party.

We've been to the Blue Bell factory in Brenham, TX.
I really loved the scenic drive to this little town.

Downtown Austin is very pretty with popular bridges and routes along the rivers for bikers and runners.
The town even places coolers along the routes with water daily for all the active people.

The weather has been very rainy since we've arrived and with Jill not going to
preschool for Dec she has been getting a bit of cabin fever.
We had to ventured out and find the local library.
They hold events for children multiple times a week.
We've decorated ginger bread men and attended a puppet show.
I do miss things about Arizona,
specifically family.
But, I do think we'll be just fine out here on our own in the middle of Texas.

17 November 2011

it's offical

we are moving.
Jeff is a Texas boy. born and raised there and the pride hasn't faded.
i knew from the time we were dating that moving back to texas was in
his life plan.
so, come Dec 1st, we'll be headed there.

here to be exact.

we are moving to Austin, the capital.

i'm sad to leave az, i've grown to really love it here.
but i'm excited for a change and new adventures and experiences.

hopefully, i'll get this blog up-dated from the last few months before we head out.

07 November 2011

The Party

all the party people 
 party games:
pin the smile on the ghost
 decorate halloween bags and pumpkins
 a bat pinata
balloon launch
family picture with cake and candles.
successful party for jill's 5th.

20 October 2011

five years ago today

this sweet little face came into the world.

she's one tough little cookie.
she's always been full of muscle and power (look at those arms).
earlier this year she wanted her ears pierced. she earned the money
needed by daily cleaning. she picked the skull earrings. no tears were
shed, not even a flinch was given, and she had earrings.

the other day i picked her up from school and she asked if i would
take her to the dr. i asked why. she said, "i wanna get shots in my
arm and see if it hurts. i don't think i'll cry."
she loves animals.
her current favorite is a bat.
she loves to got on hikes, bikes, walks, pretty much anything active.
she is pretty much fearless and a thrill-seeker.
she loves roller-coasters.
she has even done a flip into the pool from the edge more than once. 
(not okay with that especially bc it's into only 3 feet of water.) 
here she is by a cool tree in the mountains of arizona.
she sure isn't camera shy.
in-fact she doesn't seem shy at all anymore.
she is incredibly sweet to everyone she meets.
her preschool teacher says that she is a friend to everyone in class.
this year (4 turning 5) has been a great year for her.
not only has she come out of her shell, but her speech has
improved massively, and she has out grown her baby belly and all her clothes and shoes.
she's excited for our growing family and is super sweet with my baby bump.
she loves church and primary, especially singing all the songs and talking in the microphone.
(this is HUGE for her, she crying the whole year in sunbeams.)
she loves wrestling with her dad and helping me around the house.
her best friend is her sister and she loves all her extended family.

i love being her mother!

14 October 2011


the girls are playing soccer this fall.
the first game was tough for jill.
 jill excels in practice but got frustrated during the game,
when 20 kids surround the ball. she was use to practicing with order and didn't quite
understand the "game" aspect the first week.

she has steadily improved and is now having fun in the games and at practice.
with a number of break-aways during the last game,
jill is getting the taste of dribbling with speed and loving it.
after each break-away she turned to the crowd and joined us all as we
cheered and clapped. 

it's still warm in these parts so water breaks are essential.
camille really enjoys posing, playing with her hair,
lying on the soft grass, wondering around aimlessly, and taking frequent breaks,
all during game time.

perhaps 3 is a bit too early to try soccer.
on the parenting side:
watching my children play sports is more fun than i ever imagined.

12 September 2011

new 'do

jill and camille thought it was a good idea to take
scissors to their lovely long locks.
sometimes good ideas end up bad.
it was a hack job from front to back on both.
thankfully, not bad enough to be fixed.
they love their new hair.

i'm just not sure if the lesson was learned when they ended up
looking so cute...

08 September 2011

The cake was right

06 September 2011

Labor Day

we headed to the Salt River for some relief from the heat.
the girls had a great time and can't wait to go back to the "beach".
we ended up on the evening news.
a quick action cameo of jeff and camille @ 1:06
and the whole lot of us @ 1:20

04 September 2011

did you know?

i'm 19 weeks pregnant.
my sister-in-law sarah is a "gender predictor" cakemaker extraordinaire.
the cake says boy.

on Wednesday we will see if the cake was right.

29 August 2011

growing up.

growing up can be tough sometimes.
i celebrated my birthday on the 21st.
i have more wrinkles and my metabolism is slowing.
despite these i actually feel very excited to be here and now.
jeff and the girls made me a yummy cake,
and since my lung capacity is probably diminishing too
i got some help blowing out all 29 candles.
the girls are hitting milestones.
jillian started official pre-school.
she was ecstatic.
she even gets to be in class with her cousin chloe.
this is the face of "growing pain" that camille had driving away
from jills school the first and second day.
poor girls is still having a tough time.
each pre-school day she asks if she gets to stay with jill "this time".
she even started going under the water while swimming by herself
and not crying. she popped up and said, "see mom, i'm a big girl
now like jilli. i get to go to jilli's school now".
sisters are so much better together.