06 July 2008

flowers and rocks

i thought we could all use a dose of sweet camille. she's 6.5 weeks now and i can't believe how fast it's going! i lose track of time taking care of the girlie's. jillian is getting better with the whole situation of having a sister (i think). instead of the all day attitude, jill now just has a couple HUGE tantrums a day. overall though jillian is happy, i'm happy, and camille is sick.
she's had V/D for four days now. i'm keeping a close eye on her to watch for dehydration. today she's acting more herself and nursing much better than yesterday. it's not fun to see your little infant babe sick though.
i was ignoring her sickness as we went swimming for the fourth... not a good idea. my poor friend shannon got puked on. it put a damper on watching fireworks for me. jeff and jill (and some friends) went up on a hill at the golf course to watch them. jeff said jill had a blast.
here's my sweet #2 after church last week.
isn't that the cutest little nose and mouth? i love the differences between cam and jill. they are so different looking to me but both so cute.
holy pointy chin. gotta love it.
last saturday jeff and started our "let's be adventurous/sporty" phase. we drove to the salt river with ben and caitlin and went repelling. due to the heat, we waiting until about 6:30 and got to enjoy the sunset on the river. i love seeing places like this in arizona. it's good for my bad attitude toward az to spend as much time as possible in areas like this.
caitlin and i had never been repelling. i got pretty freaked out as i was walking off the edge of the 125 foot rock. once i got to the point of no return i relaxed and had a blast. this is a crazy sport. who would trust a little rope with your life? especially after having two sweet perfect babies waiting on the ground below. only a crazy person that's who! but seriously it's really safe (apparently) and totally amazing to be suspended in the air jumping down a bid ol' rock.
here's jeff mid-way down.
this caitlin starting to go off the edge. we can see ben's head peeking over the top of the rock and jeff is the belay.