20 November 2006

Jillian is one month old!!!

Do you love my new shocks (shoes and socks in one!!)?
Jillian has become a slave to the pacifier. This is her "awwww' face once she got the soother.
SUPRISE!!!! Jillian was so excited at her one month party, she couldn't contain herself.


scott said...

These are great pictures!! Very Cute. How are you feeling, btw?

Nettie said...

Yes I do love the shocks!!!

Binky babies are the best...binky plus baby equals a good nights sleep!!!

Kristen said...

Binky? What's a binky? We've never heard of such a thing in this house! ;)

I can't believe she's one month old. Doesn't time just fly by so fast? Sam will be a year in two weeks!

Taylor Tree said...

i'm feeling great. we wish you all were here for the party. kristen, nettie and i have happy babies and you have a mad baby. baby's want binkies. :)

Valerie said...

I wish Caroline would catch onto the binky fad. We keep trying different kinds and she just refuses them. She wants the real deal! ;)