27 March 2007

my middle name is "Billy" goat

at the top of the mountain. we made it!!
this is about half way up the climb.
jill was exhausted after the hike.

on saturday, i wanted to enjoy the weather and increase my appreciation of arizona landscape. i made jeff go on a hike with me. we went to the san tan mountains. there was a 6 mile hike around one of the littler mountains that i thought we could enjoy with jill. oh, no jeff saw a much bigger and better mountain behind us. unfortunately, this mountain had no trail. so. . . we bushwhacked our way to the top. nearing the peak i was surprised that we continued going. it seemed like each step was causing a rock slide, and i was bear crawling up. once we reached the peak, as i looked down i thought "how are we going to get from here to there without dying or sliding down face first". at the top, the horizon was beautiful and we got to see the start of the sunset. i told jeff that the hike was exhilarating. he said, "hike?! that was a mountain climb".


the wrights said...

you guys are awesome!!! I think we should make a picture book of Jillian, where you have to find her tongue sticking out. Like "Where's Waldo." We will call it "Where's Jill's tongue." I love it!!!

and baby makes three said...

so cool! jeff looks like a modern day caveman carrying his cub to shelter! just joking. hey, i checked out your mom and dad's blog and it is so dang cool. it's so awesome to see that you dad is into ham radio. how neat!

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

Hey, it's one thing for Jeff to go out where it is a challenge and put himself in mortal danger....but to put little Jill in that place is a no-no. Grandma says bring me the baby and you guys go climb the mountain.
Jeff, do you remember when you called me from the peak of the icy summitt behind the Provo Temple? I could have died that day with worry!

Taylor Tree said...

that is so funny sarah!! i didn't even notice its out in the pictures until you mentioned it. silly jillian. i will say though that it's probably the cutest tongue i've ever seen!

Nettie said...

I was thinking the exact same thing as gma netty! I am glad you (and ESPECIALLY jillian) made it up and down the mtn without falling!

Great view up there on the top! I love that every place has it's own unique beauty!

Dad said...

Whew! Did you make it down without alot of scary experiences? Jill's tongue enhances her--don't you think???mom

Anonymous said...

Jeff looks like a terrorist or a candidate for Survivor!

Aunt Kay Kay