04 July 2007

week long of fun

on friday i got to go to Utah for Grandma and Grandpa Pete's 70th anniversary reunion. can you imagine that? 70 years married!! it's amazing. grandpa speaks so fondly of grandma and grandma looks to grandpa for direction. i relish in the time i get to spend with them. it was great to reconnect with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. we've all grown so much. i also got to connect with a peterson crowd that still live in az. we've made plans to get together and i hope we follow through.

this is the gary peterson family that was able make it to utah. i'll post the picture of the extended family when i get it...there was a ton of us there.

on sunday we got to go to Lake Powell with jeff's mission buddies. it was a blast. jill like to drive the boat with Brian Myers (it was his house boat). the place we camped with absolutely majestic. we were right up next to a cliff. each day we got to go wake boarding, surfing, snorkeling and cliff jumping. it was a great trip!

jeff got to fish and he caught a bunch of stripped bass. he also speared a few carp. the last day jill was so exhausted!!

if you look close you'll see me in the blue swimsuit. this huge rock/cliff was as if it were sliced with a knife. once we climbed the littler rocks, the big one just opened up. it was phenomenal!! we were walking in between this two perfectly parallel cliffs rising up to the sky. the temp. was at least 10 degrees cooler inside the rock. you could touch either side at the same time. it was unbelievable! what a great week.

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the wrights said...

Where do I begin? Your hair looks way cute pulled back. I love how your gma is looking at you sweetly. My brother is handsome even when he looks scruffy from not shaving. I love Jill's dress that I got to pick out for her in Hawaii. You guys are so adventurous and have done so much in your short time together. You make a perfect pair!!!