23 September 2007

wonderful week

wow, last week was wonderful.

last weekend: stake conference. on saturday jeff and i were able to attend the leadership meeting and the adult session, then on sunday we attended the general stake meeting. to my great surprise Elder Eyring attended to and spoke at all three!!
jeff had to leave the adult session early on sat b/c jill was being rowdy. after the closing prayer i quickly walked up to the podium and shook elder Eyring's hand (i was the first one!!). i then proceeded to ask him if he'd like to go golf with my husband on monday. he said that he "very much enjoys golfing. however, i have to report to President Packer monday morning". jeff was impressed that i was the first one up and that i actually asked him the question. i thought to myself "do you know me at all? of-course i would do that!"
well then on sunday, i was determined to speak with him again and have him meet jillian. after "amen" i quickly walked to podium, but he was already escorted out. i strode to the exit door. BLOCKED. an usher kindly told me i couldn't use "this" door. i found the closest door and ran into the foyer. he was inside the stake offices. i was determined. if i waited long enough, he'd have to come out. so i waited. i meandered in and out of the gym socialising, always with one eye on the stake door. all the chairs were up and the crowd was gone, still i waited. finally, no luck. with slumped shoulders i walked to my car. less than five cars left in the entire parking lot. i strapped jill in and drove to the exit. as i drove by i saw the elders in the foyer. of-course elder eyring would be meeting with them! now's my chance. i parked the car in handicap parking and ran back inside. as i was going in the elders were coming out. wrong again! i drove down the street toward home. as i pulled up to a red light i thought "i've got to try one more thing! if i don't i'll regret it. i really wanted jill to see him". i flipped a "U"ie and speed to the church. as i pulled up, no cars left in the parking lot, i noticed an outside access door from the stake offices. of-course!! i knew it had been there, but in my stalker-thought process i had forgotten. as i was finally and really driving home i was over come with the spirit. as the tears started to flow my testimony burned. did i want to speak with him b/c i wanted a good story? no i wanted to speak with him and shake his hand b/c of the knowledge and spirit that surrounds him. i am reminded of the women in the bible with the issue of blood. all she needed was to touch the saviors hem and she was healed. all i wanted was more of elder eyrings teaching and testimony. as young as jillian is i wanted her to feel what i was feeling. the conference was a success. i left with a stronger testimony and a greater resolve to become as He is.

Wed: finally! jill has started dancing. i took it a little personal when nora and carrie were movin' before jill. silly, but true.

Thrus: jill is 11 months! time to look for a new car seat. i can't wait to look back and see her cute face, instead of her cute back of head.

Friday: i now consider jill walking. she'll walk back and forth from jeff and i with encouragement. so fun to watch. of-course she still prefers to crawl.

Saturday: i know that i'm bit of a pessimist about arizona. okay, more than a bit. however, one thing arizona has going for it is the sports. Suns, Diamondbacks (in the running for the world series), Cardinals, Mercury (won the national championship this year), Coyotes. arizona also has great college athletics too. we've been to suns games and coyotes games. we really want to go to a cardinals game but they're mostly on sunday and they mostly lose. jeff and i really enjoy going to sporting events. on saturday we went to ASU vs. Oregon football. what a great game!! ASU looks pretty good, i think their record is 5-0. we had so much fun.

Sunday: my primary children were much more reverent this week than two weeks ago. they're getting ready for the sacrament program. we have a phenomenal chorister and pianist. every sunday as the children sing the spirit is invitied to the room. i love my calling. also, it is really official now. jill is walking. i set her down as i was conducting and she walked around the podium to the other counselor all by herself. i'm sure i'll have a video coming soon.

phew! what a wonderful week.


Mom and Dad Pete said...

Sounds GREAT!!! I really liked the part about chasing down Elder Eyring. My sentiments exactly--with any of the apostles--the spirit is phenomenol!You just want to hug-g them!

H E A M said...

you forgot one part so i'll add it for you:

"my most beautiful, fun, hilarious, charming, did i say beautiful? friend hayley came to hang out with us on friday. it was so much fun. we sat and...wait...what did we do? i'm sure that we did something...oh yeah, nothing really. crap. i'm sure that we had fun though...swim? nope. shopped? no. um, went to the park? no. oh, thats right. we ate. we ate at subway and we could eat at subway forever because it is so good, cheap, healthy, and tasty. so so forget about football, jill walking, upcoming birthday's, and stake conference. bring on subway!!

Taylor Tree said...

i do look forward to our subway dates!! they are the hi-lite of most of my weeks.

Taylor Tree said...

oh, btw heam, why are you talking about yourself on my blog? try to focus your comments on me and my family next time.

Lewieville said...

Alisha, you obviously don't know Hayley well enough to think that her comments would be solely about you!! Love you both, and I miss you I want in on those subway dates! Can you sense my jealousy?