06 November 2007

calling all english lit majors

i'm reading an old book called Robinson Cursoe. multiple times a chapter i run into a break in the sentence that looks like this " ..., viz., .." of-course in the book the ... are words and there are no quotations. what does this mean?


Sarah Peterson said...

I looked it up and this is what I found:

that is to say; namely (used esp. to introduce examples, details, etc.). Abbreviation: viz.

does that make any sense?

Taylor Tree said...

yes it does.

Kristen P. said...

What about spelling?

Cait and Ben said...

Listen I am offended I'm not on your list of "peeps" to read. Ok? Email me at caitlin.taylor@asu.edu to let me put you on my list of readers. lylas lol brb