18 December 2007


jeff and i partied hard yesterday. first, we stopped by the Old Country Buffet for Grandma Pete's 87th birthday. it was fun to see some of my uncles and other family. grandma did great (for those that don't know she has Alzheimer's). she kept quizzing everyone, "do you know know how i really am?" then she'd have to whisper to grandpa to get the answer. i think aunt wilma has a crush on jeff. more than once she said "can you imagine if your son looks like your husband? oh my". jeff did look pretty H-O-T yesterday. here's jeff and jill and my second cousin Abby. she couldn't get enough of jill. (i told you that jeff looked good.) as formal as Old Country Buffet is ;) we actually got all dolled up for my works Christmas Party. i put on an extra coat of mascara, curled my hair and jeff put gel in his (not a daily occurrence). we dropped jill off with sarah and put our dancing shoes on. the food was yummy!! i got prime rib and jeff got some special chicken. we one a couple prizes and danced until the music stinked and my feet hurt. jeff called the DJ "the offended DJ". If no one was one the dance floor after the first measure of a song he'd make some stupid comment ("well, that one's a bust", or "come on, this is a great beat") and the start a whole new song. it was pretty funny.
my batteries died so we didn't even get a pic of jeff and i. my nurse friend snapped one, so if i ever get it i'll post it.
i had to make sure the ice sculpture was real. yup, tastes like...cold water.

we fly out tomorrow to party it up in Utah for Christmas. can't wait!!!


scotty said...

what if you're the third one to lick it? . . . WHAT IF!!!

Whitaker Family said...

Hello long time no talk or see! We miss you guys so much, bu tit looks like you are all so happy and enjoying Arizona. little Jill is beautiful! I am so happy to to see your blog and to catch up with you, Merry Christmas!!!(you will have to check out our blog email me at jhwhita@hotmail.com0
Love Jeramy and Hailey and now baby Parks

nettie said...

did jeff watch survivor this season?

Taylor Tree said...

of-course. he hated it!!! he thinks it should be called "the coniver" instead of survivor. with three small skinny weak people left to win the game.
i thought it was okay b/c that's what the games about. although last season was way better.
did you like it?

nettie said...

i didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favorite either. i would've been so happpy if the lunch lady had won. I also liked james, but he was so stupid to NOT play his idols.

I DID NOT todd (can't even remember if that's his name) to win.

It always works out that the person i don't want to win, wins. oh well...