03 January 2008

more christmas fun

4 generations of greatness: grandma phyllis, mom, me, jillian
are these socks on my hands suppose to help in the snow?
nora and jill at the provo mall.
fun in the snow.
jeff's texas sized snowman, made christmas day!

towed behind dads truck.
pigged-tailed twins.
i wish that i had a picture of the group of us at mom and dads house. scott and britta, brett, sarah, olivia, amy, grandma and grandpa beaumount, mom, dad, me, jeff, jill...oh, and the dog. we had so much fun in utah. jeff got to go snowmobiling with his buddy and i got some great r&r with mom and dad.


AHEM said...

check out the hips on that snowman!

great pictures aly, i love jill's piggy tails, and the snow pics. guess i'll have to hope for it to snow in fallon next year for a white christmas.


Katie J. Layton said...

It sounds like all of you had a blast. We are finally feeling better at our house. I don't know what is up with this winter, but we seem to be getting sick non-stop. Thank you for doing sharing time once again, I'm sure it was great.

nettie said...

CUTE 4 generations pic! you all look great.

Crazy Teels said...

This is you pregnant? Dang, I showed before I even knew! Looks like you had a great time!