25 June 2008

harvest at a month

this year goal: have something to harvest from veggie garden.
next year goal: have normal looking harvest from veggie garden...

(i remember growing up and picking the carrots and eating them with dirt on them. i loved that jill and i ate dirty carrots together.)

last week cam hit one month. here's some sweet faces. rose bud lips.
oh my.
cam is SO smiley. i love it b/c jill wasn't very smiley as a babe. ( i promise that camille has eyes. i just can't seem to get a picture with them open.)


Mirabel's mom said...

Your carrots crack me up!! Last year we had a garden as well and our carrots were super fat but really short - maybe an inch. Our radishes were all crazy too. Why don't they look like what you buy at the grocery store??

Sarah W. said...

I really don't think she has eye. I need proof!

AHEM said...

lol. the carrots are killing me. what do you do to them? i wonder if all veggies grow in az look like that? it's like they are rebelling. lol.

Poppa & Grandma Netty said...

Is that a dimple I see? She is really beautiful. And let me say that her features are perfect. You still need her G-Grandma to gush over her and then you'll have proof positive.
Momma Taylor

4 cute chicks said...

Hey Alisha! I just started my blog and ran across your page. You're kids are so cute! It was really neat to see that you're doing so well. You have such a beautiful family. Just wanted to check in to say Hi. I would love to keep in touch with you. Take Care.
Jennifer Carey