17 October 2008


my bff hayley got us tickets to SYTYCD.
jeff sold ol' blackie. since SYTYCD was 2 hours away (with traffic)
i thought i could use one last outing with her (the car).
this was the first car i bought with my own money.
it's a stick and i LOVE driving it.
it got me through college and my newly wed years.
we've had some good times together.
my bro jon gets a lot of credit for keeping her running while in nv.
it's been broken into twice. note the missing lock on door.
the other side has at LEAST one dent on each panel.
the a/c hasn't worked for...who knows.
last year we changed the battery once a week. az heat.
jeff said the other day: " when we were dating, i thought
am i really dating a girl that drives this piece?"
well jeff, you married her! lol.
so long ol' blackie.
hayley and i felt a little silly walking around with all the tweens
getting ready for the show. the more we looked around though
we realized that the place was swarming with "girls night"ers.
here's the group after the first number:

the only dance they didn't do that i was hoping for
was the one with chelsie in the white dress.
otherwise, SYTYCD was awesome...
besides all the in-between numbers dialogue.
hayley and i let them know what we thought about that.

we stayed after the show and ran though the bleachers

for a sneak peek behind the stage.

lucky for us we saw chelsie (my fav), screamed her name

and asked to meet her.

she was so nice and i offered one of my brothers after she

said she didn't have a boyfriend.

then i realized that all my brothers are married now.


i guess i got caught-up in the moment.

no kids, no hubby. just me and my bff acting crazy.

i forgot how old we really are.

anyway, hales and i then tried to get into the intimate after-show

by taking some back-stage passes from a chick that was leaving.

too bad we got caught by going in through the exit door.

oops. that's what you get for being dishonest and not so sneaky.

so, we waiting outside until we got to see the whole group and get more pics.

quick confidence booster: kerrington is a normal human.
don't get me wrong. she is dang pretty, but the camera loves her.
oh, and they are all soooo short. especially will. weird.
even more weird that i care.


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

Obviously - I am not cool enough to know what SYTYCD stands for. Please fill me in cause it looks like it was a lot of fun!

h is for hayley said...

I can't wait for our dinner/movie night next month!

Cait and Ben said...

so jealous, whatevs. i met nick the first winner ever so boo ya.

Liz said...

What a fun trip! What a lucky girl to have a girls night out.

Jera Farnsworth said...

ahhh, so jealous! i love that show! someday I've gotta go!! we'll have to do a girls night! yea!

4 cute chicks said...

You must not have had that car in high school. It doesn't look familiar. You make me laugh though. What did you get to replace ole blackie?
You and Hayley looked like you had a blast. I can totally picture you guys running through there with as much energy as the tweens, no one knowing your really just a couple moms :-) But really, getting kicked out of the after party? ... thats priceless.

Jamie said...

I have no idea what this thing is you went to, but it sounds like a blast! The mud run was in CA at Camp Pendleton. I highly suggest making the trip out for it next year, we're going to!

Jamie said...

PS the camping trip we took was a little NW of Globe/Miami area. We love it out there!