19 December 2008

my camera is broken.

so, let's catch up on past pictures.
this is jeff's biggest fish ever. caught in mexico last month.

we had a great time at jeff's office holiday party. we had a bbq, bounce thing, sheep, and horse rides.
enjoy the random other pics.


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

I miss you at Bunco - please (I'm down on my knee's begging) please come back. It's just not as much fun without you - I may even have to drop out too.

The pics are beautiful - especially the ones of the girlies.

Scott said...

the last picture of Jill makes me think of a poor, misdirected, toddler-vampire. "I vant to suck your brains . . . wait! These are disgusting!" I love the pictures. Have a happy Christmas!

eric and monica said...

love love love the pictures! your little jill and my nora would have sooo much fun. happy new year!