22 February 2009

two sisters one heart

first annual two sisters one heart run
was held on v-day.
they raised $25,000.

they share a seven chamber heart and are
undergoing testing for a possible separation surgery.
jeff ran the 10k and i ran the 5k

pre-race we were all smiles.
i ran the 5k in 31:47
jeff's time was wack.
we think he did a 10k in about 45 mins.
me slow he fast.
oh-well, it's not like i did collegiate track or anything.

camille (who just turned 9 months yesterday, more on that later)
was there to cheer us on and send her love to the twins.

it was a perfect way to spend v-day.
welcome to a new tradition.
in other news:
jill had a play date with her cuz' so
sarah could rest after having a sweet baby boy.
jill and chole weren't too sure at first...

they eventually warmed-up to each other...a little.

since the date jill has repeated,
"emma, sadee, sawah, cloudee"
over and over.


Caitlin said...

Thats so cool you guys are doing that. I wish I was there to run it with you! Lish you no slow, Jeff crazy. I love that pic of Chloe and Jill. They are like, whachu lookin at? I can just hear Jill repeating their names with her little crooked lips as she nods up and down. The difference in their eye color is crazy! Cute girls.

Caitlin said...

* When I say crooked lips I mean the ones where she is trying to pronounce something and kind of pouts. I re-read that and it sounded weird!!

eric and monica said...

do you do jill's hair? it always looks cute. i love the french braid thing going on.

Britta said...

Ok, I am smitten by that picture of Camille with the red hat. So Cute! I totally had to do a double take cause it looks like she has blue eyes and I thought they were brown. Are they dark blue or is that just a reflection in that picture?

Ashley Lamb said...

that was a lot of fun and it was good to see you again! Hey I just realized that I'm in the back of one of these pictures...can you tell which one! haha.. p.s. adorable pics of the girls!

Vickie said...

Go you! Ben did the fun run (and walked it) and I just took the kids around to the petting zoo and bouncy houses. Walking there and back to my house was enough for me.
Your girls are so adorable. Camille looks like she has attitude! "Yeah, I know. I'm adorable and you can't help but love me. It's a curse."

Poppa and Grandma Netty said...

Way cute pics Leesh. How fun, I told my mom to get on her computer and look at the blogs and it takes all of her will power to attempt "all that technical stuff" but she did and found so much enjoyment looking at all the blogs of my kids. Fun for everyone who cares right?
Well, I do have to say my grandkids are the cutest in the entire universe. (I am not just saying that!) And I am proud of my children for donating time and effort to a good cause. You not slow....you just don't obsess over being faster....if you had to run to save your children you would be the fastest ever!

nettie said...

cute girls. great job on the run!

Valerie said...

I love those cousin pictures! Such cute little braided hair. I can't wait to see your girls this summer.

Sarah W. said...

We miss you...let's get together next week for sure. We could feed ducks and play at a park. Jillian...call me sister! Let's talk