07 June 2009

low key

jeff turned 29 on friday.
we celebrated by cleaning carpets and toilets.
watching your babies vomit is the worst present ever.
everyone in the house has had it save me and daddy taylor.
happy birthday jeff.
(next year will be better, i promise)
(after-all you will be officially o3l0d next year)


nettie said...

bummer, that's awful. sick kids is no fun (especially throw-up sick)!

Valerie said...

Oh goodness. That does not sound like fun. You are SO lucky you have not had it. That right there IS a great present. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

hays said...

at least he has cool hair.

Cait and Ben said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! When we called during the festivities it made us a little jealous. Even though the girls are sick they sure know how to clean up when dad gets home!

Sarah Peterson said...

that picture looks like it is from the 70's! I love Jeffs hair!

Britta said...

Happy Late Birthday, Jeff! Being born in 1980 is the best.