12 February 2010


i can't wait for the arial skiing, speed skating, snowboard half-pipe, downhill ski races, and everything else!

my love for the winter olympics started as a very little girl watching figure skating with my mom and sister.

my obsession was enhanced when jon went on a mission to jamacia and my family and i got hooked on the movie Cool Runnings.

i see pride.
i see power.
i see a bad a** mother,
who don't take no crap off nobody!

i will use this mantra as i groom my children to become Olympians
so i can fulfill my dreams through them.


Sarah W. said...

I thought you were going to say that you and jeff went up to the cabin and formed that snow sculpture. You would!

Britta said...

Ha ha ha! Go Olympics!

Kristen P. said...

Watch out!! Ben is going gold in the skeleton. He's practicing already by going head first down the slide. I too love the Olympics especially the winter set. It was SO fun to go when they were in SLC, UT. I have heard though that there is not much snow in Vancouver and they're having to basically make what they need.

Vickie said...

I loooove the ice skating. I got to go see some of the Olympic skaters at a show called "Champions on Ice". They were amazing to watch in person. They weren't following Olympic rules then, either, so some of them did flips and stuff.
Can't wait for the skating this year!

Cait and Ben said...

Bahhhhhahhhh! I'm watching the opening ceremonies right now and I can't help but think of you! The dancers during Sarah Mcclaughicanadian's(sp) song were so you! Ben and I looked at each other and said "Alisha is dying right now wanting to be one of those dancers". lurve ya

nettie said...

i need u to pass some of your excitement my way...i don't know what's wrong w/ me this yr, i usually love the olympics, but last nite all i could think of while watching opening ceremonies was how much money they must spend on them and where it could be sent instead. (haiti).

actually, lately i think it's the overpaid, full of themselves athletes that drive me nuts. i'm sure i'll catch the bug. i love the ice skating (jeff doesn't) and the speed skating. i hope lindsay von's(is that her name?) leg heals. maybe i am excited.

eric and monica said...

that mantra's gonna take your kids places!!!! i love the olympics too.