11 March 2010

holiday happenings (part 2B)

the snow was coming down.
the christmas lights had to go up.
our attempt didn't last long
but we had fun while we worked.

after the snow was done falling we played and played.
camille was less enthusiastic about packed snow play than the flakes.
jill got a good meal or two of snow in while we were amongst the mountains.

the polar in express:

after cleaning spilt hot chocolate and
soothing overly-tired babies Mrs. Clause finally made an appearance.
olivia and jill were content for a bit until they remembered who we came for.

camille couldn't take her eyes off the big man in red.
jillian was so excited she was the first child on the way back to grab
the mic from the conductor and sing 'twinkle, twinkle'.

(next-up: jeff's mullet and other redneck activities)

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LaTonya said...

Ha the licking the snow picture is great!