23 June 2010

ever since we've been married

jeff has tried to convince me of the need for a boat.
well, he turned 30 on the 5 of june and i consented.
the debate is on:
jeff wants this

that's right, a "Party Barge".
just saying it makes me throw-up a little in my mouth.

i want this

that's right, the coolest thing on the lake.
what's your vote?

more honestly though we'll end up with this:

which, is still pretty cool i guess.

in the meantime the heat is on here in AZ.
if we aren't swimming,
we're staying in the A/C playing the new wii

(jeff's Father's Day gift)
or taking the girls the the movies

 we all enjoyed Toy Story 3.
AZ summers aren't so bad when you're
able to celebrate with the ones you love.


Jamie said...

i love the speed boat, but the kayak might be cool :-)

Scott said...

lol! I would get an airplane . . . Britta wants a boat. I think we'll compromise with a little Tailspin action - amphibious biplane or something - seriously, though, both boats have their attractive pros, but I would probably go for the pontoon.

Stanley said...

Alisha, when was the last time you were jumping the wake and grabbing your board? Stick with the pontoon boat.

Britta said...

Oh man. A pontoon? That's an old person's boat. Speed boats are SO COOL and you can waterski and go tubing and wakeboarding AND you can still be a party boat... but with a few less people.

However, I am also a huge fan of the canoe. Seriously. I love canoeing and I can steer in white caps with the pros.

I must also confess, I would love the pontoon. I just love boats! If you get one we may have to schedule a visit.

Britta said...

After I posted that comment I got to thinking about all my canoeing memories and you would win no matter what you get, if you get a boat. Just think of all the sightseeing, swamping, gunnel pumping fun you'd have. *sigh*

Sarah Peterson said...

Alisha- why are you so hot!? Every time I see your pics I can't think "wow- alisha is so beautiful!" But anyway... a boat of any kind would be fun. The speed boat has the best of everything. It was just float, it can go fast for recreational activities, and it can be a party boat.

Jeffrey said...

Ahhhh. Too bad those votes for Alisha "speed boat" won't count. She hates speed boats. She want's a wakeboarding boat like every other wanna be on the lake with a tap out back tat. So it looks like its Jeff 2 Alisha 0

Sassy Christian Momma said...

get the wakeboarding boat and buy it at an auction- you'll save LOADS! Miss ya!

Kristen P. said...

Here you go, Jeff...I would vote "none of the above" but you told me you could still waterski behind the said "party barge." SO I guess...I'm staying out of it.