16 December 2010

the happs

yesterday i took my girls to a the ballet at symphony hall.
Ballet Arizona puts on condensed version of their performances for school groups and somehow my bff gets us in too. this is the second one we've been to.
they danced the second half of the nutcracker.
the music, the dancing, the costumes, it was very nostalgic for me.
jill was enthralled too, clapping vigorously after each dance.
camille was less impressed and just wanted to go on stage to be the center of attention.
i can't wait to take the girls to the whole production in a couple years.

speaking of dance...
with the move looming i took the girls out of their class.
they miss it and frequently ask, "is it time for ballet"

it's outdoor weather now in arizona and we've been taking full advantage.
golfing with dad

petting zoo's

the girls love horses.
it is their toy of choice and aren't afraid to ride the real thing.

the state fair
i have two thrill seekers on my hands. i suppose the apple doesn't fall too far off the tree.  they wanted to ride every single one and got bored with the little ones.

this next picture cracks me up.
i may look like i'm having fun.
i'm not.
in-fact i'm about to yell at the operator to get us off the dang ferris wheel. 
it was the tallest one at the fair and didn't have a belt, or a lap-bar, or even a door!!
the girls kept trying to look over the edge or go to where the door should have been to look down. 
jeff was having a hay-day watching me almost have an aneurysm.
never again.

in other news, my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital the last few months. the girls have really actually enjoyed the time visiting the pete's and exploring (i.e. recking havoc) in new places.
grandpa has been a really trooper and taking out his teeth about a million times each visit because that's all the girls want.
grandma is turning 90 this week.
grandpa is 92 and still a firecracker.
i'm thankful for the time i've had with them here in arizona.

speaking of thankfulness...
thanksgiving was spent with the Taylor's.
i didn't get any pics but the food was delish and company even better.
i am so thankful for my family of 6 years.
i found a perfect fit for me with the Taylor's.


hays said...

that ballet. sniff. sniff.

i love your fake smile and

your dad looks very much like his own father.

the end.

Cait and Ben said...

I can sense that fake smile too without you needing to say anything. I hate ferris wheels too. Ugh. The girls are precious in their leotards!! I hope to see you guys soon...since you live like 4 miles away.

erin said...

You are so brave!! I would have been freaking out about the ferris wheel!! Your girls are just addorable!!

LaTonya said...

I think you look scared on the ferris wheel...not like you are having fun at all haha I hate them sooo much!

Jamie said...

You are the most gorgeous and funnest mom ever!