18 July 2011


We found ants in the bathroom this morning. I vaccumed up most of them and then the girls brought in a shoe to "pop" any lingering ants. This is what I heard:

Camille:  Heavenly Father?
Jillian:    He hears you. Say what you have to say.
Camille:  Sorry we have to pop the ants.
Jillian:    It's okay, He knows they shouldn't be in the house.


Vickie said...

That is so stinkin CUTE!

Cait and Ben said...

Oh my word. Break my heart. That is so cute!

eric and monica said...

Oh, your girls are so sweet! We adore them and you, too! Hope to see you soon... still headed to SLC?

erin said...

That is so cute, I love overhearing those addorable things!!