29 August 2011

growing up.

growing up can be tough sometimes.
i celebrated my birthday on the 21st.
i have more wrinkles and my metabolism is slowing.
despite these i actually feel very excited to be here and now.
jeff and the girls made me a yummy cake,
and since my lung capacity is probably diminishing too
i got some help blowing out all 29 candles.
the girls are hitting milestones.
jillian started official pre-school.
she was ecstatic.
she even gets to be in class with her cousin chloe.
this is the face of "growing pain" that camille had driving away
from jills school the first and second day.
poor girls is still having a tough time.
each pre-school day she asks if she gets to stay with jill "this time".
she even started going under the water while swimming by herself
and not crying. she popped up and said, "see mom, i'm a big girl
now like jilli. i get to go to jilli's school now".
sisters are so much better together.


Dave and Shelby Hale said...

Great post. Hopefully your old, wrinkly, carpel tunnel ridden hands didn't hurt too bad while typing out all those words. Who are you kidding girl. You are one hot mamma who is getting younger by the day! Camille's tears break my heart, but it is so sweet to see how much she loves her sister.

Caitlin said...

I can see your old breath blowing out the candles. Cool picture! If I could look like you at 29...deaaaaaannnng. Camille really did use yours words against you. You said she could go when she was a big girl. But, she will love spending more time with you and it will get easier. My word verification was undilio. What the dealio?

Britta said...

This was a totally sweet post! I love the last picture of the girls in the cowboy hats.