14 October 2011


the girls are playing soccer this fall.
the first game was tough for jill.
 jill excels in practice but got frustrated during the game,
when 20 kids surround the ball. she was use to practicing with order and didn't quite
understand the "game" aspect the first week.

she has steadily improved and is now having fun in the games and at practice.
with a number of break-aways during the last game,
jill is getting the taste of dribbling with speed and loving it.
after each break-away she turned to the crowd and joined us all as we
cheered and clapped. 

it's still warm in these parts so water breaks are essential.
camille really enjoys posing, playing with her hair,
lying on the soft grass, wondering around aimlessly, and taking frequent breaks,
all during game time.

perhaps 3 is a bit too early to try soccer.
on the parenting side:
watching my children play sports is more fun than i ever imagined.


Cait and Ben said...

It is fun for the rest of us to watch too!! I'm glad Jill is slowly loving it. She is too good of a sharer. No sharing in soccer!

Scott said...

That looks like a total blast! Wish we were closer so we could cheer on the girls.