21 January 2012

before TX

when the decision was made to move to TX,
i knew there was a few things that needed to happen first.
a girls outing with my Taylor family.
we decided to go to Time Out for Women.
this is what i was greeted with on my way out the door.
it was great to get away and spend some time with the sils and mil.
of everything in AZ, i miss these peeps the most.
a few last visits with my ailing grandparents.
my girls LOVED visiting grandma and grandpa Pete.
he would take his teeth out and make us all laugh.

we got to practice holding a baby when Wyatt came to my sil Caitlin.
the girls were fascinated and in love instantly.
jeff and i were inflated with love for wyatt and excitement for out little boy.

we enjoyed one last AZ rainstorm with one of the girls
favorite accessories: an umbrella
the girls had their soccer banquet and received some awesome trophies.
jeff and i got a few nights out on the town.
pei-wei and barnes and noble:
asu vs. arizona football
we hit up a bunch of fall festivities and fairs including the AZ state fair

we got to visit with mom and dad peterson and brett's family for thanksgiving.
the girls loved the quality time with the cousins.
my family and a few friends had a get together to celebrate the baby and say good-bye.
do you think i like the boots?
i taught my last zumba class and they all stuffed their shirts with balloons for the warm-up.
it was quite comical.
i'm in the front in all black without a balloon. i really miss my class.
the girls were bats for halloween and i was a pot-belly pig.
we trick-or-treated with the cousins.
we even had some crafty times around halloween to help with decorations.
after all the fun times we packed up and left, but not without one
last group hug with the cousins and grandma.
(phew. that was a long mixed-up post.)


Scott said...

love this post! I hope you are loving TX!

Caitlin said...

Break my little heart from that last pictures. Ok I love Jillian's face in the picture on the bouncy thing. Such a fun smile! I can't wait to visit. You got a lot accomplished in those last few weeks. Oh TOFW. Oh Hillary Weeks. And I like the picture of you and Jeff on your date.