25 November 2015

November 2014

Big, big news this November.  Coco is fully potty trained. He loves wearing big boy undies and I love that I only have one in diapers now.
Jillian's class had a Thanksgiving presentation in class.  Jill was a pilgrim girl and looked adorable.

The girls have a whole week off for Thanksgiving break.  It's so wonderful.  Jeff had to stay and work all week, so me and the kids made the drive out to Houston to visit Jeff and Nettie's family.  I feel so lucky to have them only 3.5 hrs away but really wish that we got together more.  Our kids get along great and I still look up to my brothers for advice and raising good kids.  While we were there we visited the Houston Zoo. 

The carousel ride is always a big hit when we see one.   

We had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with some friends that I didn't get any pictures of :(
That weekend Jeff's high school alma mater played in a play-off game in the Baylor stadium, so naturally we all made the trek up to watch the game.
The last week of November we were out shopping and saw who we all thought was the "real" Santa.  Pretty convincing if you ask me.

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